What People Say About Us

Just a quick note to say thank you for the US to UK workshop on Tuesday. It was most informative and inspiring"

A Maculay

Very good Tim, thank you. I'm sure many of us newbies would welcome more of this practical and essential business advice. Not many 'gurus' bother with this side of things.

Allen Cull

Hi Tim, In June last year my brother and I attended your DVD Workshop. Our business is now up and running with orders coming in following various promotions. We are now about to roll out an email campaign to approx. 15,000 newsletter subscribers. Thanks for getting us started.

Bob Brown

I found it very rewarding. It opened my eyes on home business opportunities. Very well presented. Very open. Excellent.

Bobby Gherra

Cheers Tim, again thanks as always for your massive help, if ever you are looking for additional testimonials, please feel free to use me and any of my contact details. You've been a fanstastic help while I find my feet and it is greatly appreciated.

Chris Houry

wow wow and wow OMG.......it looks amazing........I can't believe it's all real!!!! Geez.....it looks SSSSSOOOOO great, words can't describe it actually, I love the colours, design, it all looks very sophisticated and extremely stylish and professional (which I never had any doubt it would)!!!

I'm very pleased and proud of how the finished product looks, great work.....all the hard work defo looks worth every bead of sweat everyone has put in, all the late nights and early starts!!! Looks fab, can't wait to get my hands on one!!!!

xxx Have a great day!

Claire Horn

Thanks Tim, this is exactly the information I'm searching for at this very moment. Again many thanks.

Cliff Dean

Following up some of the actions from last weeks meeting I got Martin to sort out the title and description tags for my site, whether by coincidence or as a consequence of this I received my first 12 sign ups straight away. I am well chuffed. In addition, picking up on a comment you made about my adwords campaign, my impressions went from 29 to 1400 with 18 clicks. My chest filled up with so much pride I almost snapped my braces.

David Griffiths

Tim, I met up with my accountant this afternoon and showed him some of the DVDs, only in the covers and told him what I had to offer. Blew his mind, offering me his database. He is forming a for want of a better word an entrepreneur club!!! Well I need to walk before I run but what fabulous encouragement for the products and I have and I haven't even got the company registered yet!!!

David Stephenson

Hi Tim, just had to tell you the news - we have just had our 1st sale and I cannot even begin to tell you how excited we both are. WHAT A FEELING

Debbie & Jon

Wow! How impressive are these? The Slim Girl's Box is wonderful and the Super You materials are very interesting-looking. Haven't had time to look at the others yet but now I am really abuzz, ready for 7/8 April and all that comes with the days. Thank you again for your generosity

Dianna Song

All the best to you all, I have recommended your system to a friend!

Doreen Scoons

Tim, Just to confirm that, on Tuesday, I received the package of goodies as promised. It's like all my birthdays and Christmases have come at once! Thank you so very much indeed.

Looking forward tremendously to working with you and to continued success together in the future.

Once, again, with grateful thanks.

Fergus (Urquhart)

Tim, a quick update: We've made some money! We launched last Monday. We have started our passive income earnings and our own unique list has started to form - it feels great. The conversion rate after the first day was ~ 4% too. This is our first attempt at anything like this so it was good to see it all come together. So thanks Tim. Gavin Day (Catalyst Digital Media)

G Day

I have enough information now and have started trading.

Gerald Gorton

This morning I made 126 orders... This means that I've passed the the £10k gross sales barrier! I'm excited for the future now, thanks a million - no pun intended, but you know what I mean!

Graham Burt

Tim what can I say more than a very big thank you. Tim you have both shown me MY future much clearer. The product is there...the support is there...and the clients will be there very, very soon.

Grant Weston

Tim, I just wanted to personally thank you for a inspiring day. It's definitely the injection I need. WATCH THIS SPACE, my product will be coming to you soon. Will be in touch again soon and looking forward to spending dinners in NY and Florida with you.

Grant Weston

Tim, you are a beacon of honesty, integrity & generosity.

Again many thanks; I am so grateful.

Guy Wathen

Hello Tim, Just a note to thank you for the seminar last Tuesday. Most informative and exciting. Thank you again.

Ian Tuson.

Hi, my guest Anthony, and myself had a fantastic day today. The information we received was indeed valuable and gave us the basic principles of trading ... We believe that this system absolutely does work. We are going to use the skills shown to us today with the one K system to get used to trading and build up our bank for our future trades. May I take this opportunity to thank you and the staff who attended today, and look forward to being in touch in the future. Best wishes, Ivan

Ivan & Ant

I am working my way through the list of free bets and getting a nice little nest egg.

Jenny King

Dear Mr Lowe

I know you are a very busy person and will accept numerous emails per day, however I just had to email you to express my deepest thanks for your time on that day. Not only was your advice very informative, you also delivered in it a professional and genuinely helpful manner.

I also appreciate very much, you taking the time to look at my first attempt website and products, and you can be sure that I will listen, learn and apply every single piece of information you gave me that day.

I know it won't happen overnight and I don't expect it to, however I make sure I take a step every single day towards my goal and know that soon enough I'll make it.

Anyway again I'll express my deepest and heartfelt thanks for your help.

John Flemming

Dear Tim, hello Tim. I just wanted to give you some feedback on something. I downloaded your freebie PDF file tonight on your insights into being successful and have just finished reading through it. So much of what you have to say chimes with me and I just wanted to let you know that your story continues to be an inspiration to me. My eternal thanks for your inspiration. Your friend in endeavour. John Goldsmith

John Goldsmith

Hi, I just wanted to say I think your products and training are great. I chanced upon an internet marketing seminar at which you were present. Anyway the purpose of this email is to say, thanks to your inspirational speeches and excellent conference I am now making about 3-4 k a week. Thank you so much.


Thanks. Have had another two days of £130 ish each day. Building up with last 10 minute trades.

Keith Tutt

Hey, You rock!!! LOL. Put myself through 4 sets of Tennis yesterday and made 42 successful trades. Only small amounts on the winning profits but a quantum leap in my book!

Lee Walker

Hi Tim,
I attended one of your courses a couple of years ago. I found it very useful & I am now making a living from the information gained! Thanks.

Marc Gray

Tim, Many thanks... especially for the lightning speed of your response bearing in mind how busy you are.

Mark Horner

Hi Tim, thank you and Matthew for an excellent day last Tuesday. The event was certainly most informative and highly concentrated. I will review the materials and support website resources over the next few days in depth whilst I am visiting family on the south coast. Once again thank you both for a great day. Kind regards, Michael

Michael Sellers

I have made good progress with FREE money and have already made about £750

Michael Sellers

Hi Tim I did it! my first back end sale!!! My retail price was £297! I'm dead chuffed!!! Thanks Naheed

Naheed Brooking

Hey Tim, what I value most from the package that I invested in at Christmas was the mentoring. The products are good however you can pick up reprint rights to products, what you don't get is multi-millionaire mentoring
which is invaluable.

I've spent 10 years trying to figure things out myself and although I have had some successes not the significant breakthroughs I want.

So now I look to learn from other peoples' experiences its cheaper and more effective,

Oh, and I wanted you to know that I made 3% last week...so it's starting to work!

Naheed Brooking

Hi Tim, I know I shouldn't be sending you this email...

However THANKS for a brilliant day on Wednesday - it was well worth the fumbling and rearranging
It was very to the point and action oriented, if at times a little too much info was shared!! :-)

Naheed Brooking

Hi Tim, You may remember me. I was one of 12 people who took you up on the offer of a free 20 minute telephone consultation, (never could figure that one out...) Your kit was what got me moving in the Internet marketing direction. It took a while and a lot of dead ends but I now have a site that earns well. Thank you so much.

Peter Adamson

Dear Tim, we met on Tuesday at the Heptamatic seminar - an excellent day and congratulations on the professional presentation. I thought Matthew did very well and what a genuine lad; it has certainly moved us to action. I trade Forex but intend to work with David trading bets starting Friday afternoon. Cheers, Peter

Peter Craggs

Hi Tim, I know I shouldn't really use this email address but I just wanted to say thanks for Monday. Not just the day but the personal encouragement too. I have now revamped the website and emails and we're ready to go again.

Peter Ford

Hi Tim
I just thought I'd drop you a quick email to thank you for Mondays
training workshop. I have to admit that it far exceeded my pre-workshop
expectations and the products which we received licences to appear to be absolutely top
notch. I was totally amazed by the 'bonus' licences which will enable me
to create many front end products - talk about over delivering :>)

Phil Moulds

I know I have already said it, but you well and truly over delivered on Monday...
Monday and I am really grateful for the products which have been provided.
Your presentation was also very good and I appreciate how open you were to
all questions - it really does seem like there was nothing held back and
this provides total confidence that your future mentoring will also be
very constructive and will most definitely be of huge assistance! Thanks again - I'll speak to you again soon :>)

Phil Moulds

I was up until gone 2am (Tuesday morning) because I couldn't wait to get some ideas generated and to check out
the existing sales letters online. I have a lot of ideas already and am just
finishing off some work on an existing site before I can get started, but
I'm 100% certain that I will not succumb to the 'gym membership syndrome'.

Thanks again - I'll speak to you again soon :>)

Phil Moulds

I had a great day (apart from going the wrong way on the M4 on the way
Home and heading towards south Wales instead back up the M1 to Leicestershire -
it was dark and I don't have sat nav!!) and have every intention of
becoming one of your future success stories. I am absolutely certain that great
things will result from my decision to invest in your workshop. I have
'dabbled' in a few different areas online before but can now see a great
future for me and my family using your licences and your business model.

I truly recognise the value of what you have provided
me with.


Phil Moulds

I want to say a big thank-you to you Tim, because without the last 12 months of pokes from you I would not be where I am today... a lot closer to my dreams than I was 12 months ago. Thanks again...

Ron Perkins

Hi Tim, I'm following your system to the letter and so far have produced a profit on my marketing. I agree with you ... a more personal approach and does work! I'm getting a lot of small business owners calling me asking me how to make their business more successful and I'm trying to provide them with part of the products I purchased hoping to upsell or back-end the whole sets! I absolutely love this market (small biz owners) and see myself going into that market (again) providing a front-end product then back-ending it with other products including some I'm developing myself... All in all I'm quite pleased with the response, I know these things take a bit of time - I'm still testing all the time until I'm ready to launch a bigger project. Thanks Tim

Sohil Munir-Khan

May I just belatedly thank you for the training day, which I found immensely interesting and informative. Thank you.

Stephen and Michael Johnson

Hi Tim, my name is Steve Bishop, I was on the US-to-UK course at the beginning, and we would like to express our thanks for the day and the products that were sent so promptly.
We are making progress and hope to be up and trading by March. Thanks so much for your help

Steve & Pauline Bishop

I have been receiving your emails for a few years now ... (I even wrote you an email some time ago about this). One of the reasons I have never opt out from your emails is the fact I like your writing style and your sense of humour.

Pedro Duarte

I'd like to congratulate you on the style and content of your submissions, I'm very new to IM and would definitely emulate 'stories' if ever I get that far. Thank you for the relevance, entertainment value and training they provide.

Lawrence Henson

Prior to meeting you I knew nothing about the world of Gambling, Betting-speak or the foreign language of Betting Odds. I was down to my last £20 on Monday morning ... I did at 5.45pm Sunday night reach the £2,000 mark. During the week I had just touched the £1,000 in a day mark too. That's in Week Two of trading. So for anyone struggling this does work just like it says on the box...

Chris Garside

Your Tim's business low downs are a perfect mix of humour and thought provoking material, they do wonders for your image and I always look at every offer you send (such is your credibility). I usually last about a week on a mailing list then cancel because of too many 'must have offers' and eventual info overload, but you have the balance just right. I have followed you since your newspaper ads (5 or 6 years?) and sent off for a vhs tape for about 60 quid, the quality was not the best but your message was spot on and did what it said on the tin, you are believable and come across as genuine.

Mike Davison

I have been a subscriber of yours for a number of years and enjoy the experience. You provide excellent information and I know the products you do promote have been researched and verified. At the end of the day you over deliver and I know a lot of the people who you now work with are of the same discipline.

Paul Lillie

Tim, let me take you back to December 2006, I attended your seminar at Heathrow, I think it was the Renaissance Hotel.... That was a very good day with a lot of good information coming over to us. The products you sent to us after the seminar, along with their respective licences. There were so many products. I will never forget that day, it was a very good day and the information was so good and very clear.

William Rudd

You're getting quite literary in your old age! to the top of the class and award yourself a gold star.

Brian Passman

I very much admire your writing style, Tim, and I do so enjoy your anecdotes full of business import. Keep them coming.

Catherine Powell

u r 1 of the few email publishers I look forward to reading - power 2 ur pen best regards


A great day, worth the money (particularly as a guest). Thanks for your guidance and encouragement. Apart from actually doing the work for us, you couldn't have given us more help.

A. Bootsma

Tim's course is well structured, professionally presented, easy to follow and has genuine potential to change your life. After the course you will know what to do. The question is only will you do what you know. I am in no doubt that if you do, you will be spectacularly successful.

A. Campbell

The seminar was absolutely packed with information about how to set up and run this business. It was easy to understand and made you believe you could do it too! Many thanks, Tim.

A. Clark

Excellent Tim - I had many doubts when I first arrived and set five tests. If you passed I was in. You sailed through with flying colours and exceeded my expectations. I know that I can make a lot of money from your system. Your marketing strategy is outstanding and absolutely state of the art. Thanks for a brilliant seminar.

A. Hardy

Excellent. Covered all the points I wanted to know about. Sceptical at first because I thought I knew it all but the practical advice was terrific. I look forward to making this a sure-fire success with Tim's help.

Alan Brown

Very informative day! Nice injection of enthusiasm! Wasn't quite sure what to expect, almost thought it might be an elaborate pyramid type system! Gladly I was wrong! Nothing is ever quite as simple as one makes out but this seems a very lucrative and challenging business. No Mother in Laws or warthogs will be maimed in my efforts to make a fortune!!

Alexander Beeston

I vouch for the training that I have received - it is genuine, of the real world business and motivates me to put it into practice to achieve my plans. I thank you all.

Alfred Hamnond-Appiah

Information was given in an easy learning manner. Easy to take in and very enjoyable day. I am looking forward to the partnership with Tim and myself.

Andrew Brown

I found the day spent with Tim was very useful and done in such a way that everything was explained in full and with no pressure at all. He has a lot of great ways to do things and is completely honest about what he has found it very reassuring that Tim is willing to help and answer any questions or problems you have.

Andrew Holden

BRILLIANT. I feel like I have everything I need to succeed and can't fail. Exceeded my expectation.

Andy Brough

A thoroughly enjoyable and extremely comprehensive business workshop given by a consummate professional, Tim Lowe. Tim's presentation style was direct and enabled me to take away a clear view of the business opportunity and a concise action plan to start immediately on building a cash flow. Thanks for a brilliant day.

Andy Martin

I found what I learnt on the course to teach me more about marketing methods than I did within two years at college. It was invigorating and hugely helpful. I look forward to putting my new thoughts and attitude into action, to enable myself to thrive in my own right.

Angela Blakey

Life changing workshop. Professionally presented. I know enough to start this tomorrow. Very highly recommended.

Ashafaque Malik

I found Tim Lowe to be a brilliant coach over these two days of training. I have gained the knowledge I was expecting and now feel confident to launch my new business. I found Tim easy to understand and very engaging. I would recommend this course to anyone.

Avais Khan

Tim. I found your whole presentation to be very enjoyable and instructive. I was impressed both with the business potential and the scope of your knowledge about the whole topic of marketing (having been involved in this industry myself for many years). I would readily recommend you to others were it not for the fact that I would be creating competition for myself. Thanks for a great day.

B. Hunter

A wealth of information worth its weight in gold! Tim had so much to impart that the day flew along. Tim was so open about the whole marketing methods necessary to make money with his specialised knowledge.

Barry Chambers

One of the best courses/presentations I have attended over my 30 years in business. Tim showed great patience with a large number of attendees who had varying levels and knowledge of the business. It was clearly presented. The course delivered all I expected and more in several areas. It showed all the benefits and pitfalls of the business, and the materials delivered were of excellent quality.

Bill Drew

The information that you have given me has come across in a genuine way. You have presented a realistic business which I can reap great rewards. It was an enjoyable event matched by the overwhelming quantity and quality of the supplied materials. Thank-you very much and I look forward to working with you.

Brian Wynter

Brilliant presentation. Tim guides you very practically to get started and, very importantly, to get the method right from the onset. I can see why he has made millions. Highly recommended.

C Heymans

I have found an honest and clear explanation of a business that could as long as I follow through, produce the kind of profit I would want. Nothing has been held back. All in all an extremely useful day. Thank-you.

Cheryl Craggs

Excellent course content. Professionally presented, both practical and systematic on how to progress your business forward tomorrow and in the months and years to come! A must attend course for serious business owners.

Chris Hazelwood

Today has been fab! The information that was given was clear and easy to understand and to the point. Tim has made the day very interesting and great information was given. Thank you for everything.

Clare Prowse and Steven Jones

Tim, I was really impressed. Your workshop was better than I expected, extremely will organised and professional. You really are a guru and I can see why you have succeeded where many will fail. Very practical and focussed.

Conor Ward

Very well presented. At last we have a presenter that gives you ALL of the information required to set up and run a business. The fact that Tim will also be the 'Mentor' also spurs one on to TAKE ACTION.

David and Brenda Jarrold

I found the presentation very well explained and easy to listen to, well organised and visually easy to follow, inspiring and funny. Both good chaps!! Thanks.

David Crawford

Excellent presentation and over delivery of information and products.

David Hill

Forum and content of the presentation was excellent. The style and atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant. The pitch of the weekend was set correct for complete novices, thus dispelling any nerves and anxieties about what was to come during the day. This is my life-changing day.

David Walker

Very enjoyable and informative. Look forward to putting it into action.

David Wilson and Clive Wheatstone

A comprehensive A-Z seminar of how to market informational products and become financially free.

David Woolley

Tim was very comprehensive covering everything and more than was ever promised. An enthusiastic speaker with great knowledge and a very professional delivery. Lovely man, knows his stuff inside out.

Dean Tidman

Tim's presentation was dynamic and humorous, guiding you on the road to riches. Listening to him I actually believe that I will be rich next year, I mean really!

Derek Field

Why don't they teach this stuff in universities? I learnt more in two days from Tim than I did in all the time I spent in Business school! Worth every penny!

Dominic Rice-Pierce

A very enlightening and positive course with exciting information to allow us to grow a business very quickly. I will now be able to set up a very profitable business with products and information supplied. A recommended course for all future entrepreneurs.

Donald Macpherson

Tim's presentation is detailed, honest and straightforward. His style is easy going and very approachable. The whole day is inspiring and exciting and leaves you raring to go! It is too much to fully take in all in one go but his offer of continuing mentoring and support is invaluable and a great motivator. A great day, good presentation and a most excellent opportunity. Here's to the future!

Dr. Enid Taylor

Tim is an excellent speaker. He is knowledgeable, helpful, as well as humorous. He demonstrates the product potential along with any pitfalls to watch for. I found him very honest and straight forward and hope to work with him for many years via Joint Ventures. Information and training was well worth the money and I enjoyed the day immensely.

E. Smith

Tim was very professional and thorough in his presentation. Most importantly Tim made it very easy to understand the steps involved to set up the business.

Edna Best

I have learnt more in the past 2 days in very enjoyable company than I could have imagined when I signed up. Thank goodness I came. Presentation was first class.

Edward Gwilliam

Tim, thank-you so much for the seminar. It was brilliant. You are brilliant.

Eliman Jagne

The workshop was very useful to me and I know that it was exactly the kick start I needed to launch my new business. It was well structured and the information was excellent. I cannot wait to start.

Ellen Harding

Belatedly, a huge thank you for the magnificent day you provided nearly two weeks ago. It was truly inspirational...

Fergus (Urquhart

Above and beyond anything we expected. It has been a real education hosted by Tim, a real down to earth person, who we hope that we will have the chance to work with in the future. Thanks for a great weekend.

Gareth and Julie Jones

A well structured day's training. Clear and concise training sessions. Useful training exercises. Generous certificate of rights to products.

Geoffrey Booth

We found Tim's presentation to be very informative and professional. It was well planned, organised and structured. He was very convincing and impressive and clearly knows his business, and is also clearly immensely successful. This came through in his presentation which got stronger the more he expanded on his ideas. He is very committed and we felt that he was very sincere.

George Hawkins

Thank-you Tim for a wonderful day. It surpassed all my expectations. I hope you know what an opportunity like this means to me. I will not let you down. Look forward to speaking to you soon. Thanks.

Georgia Shand

Process given in a clear understandable way. Questions answered no matter how trivial. Came across as a no nonsense guy and you get what you see.

Helen Boothby

A superb day. The day certainly met and exceeded all expectations. Tim's style was easy to listen to and understand. We hope to be able to start up our business straight away and put into practise what we've been taught! Very inspiring day.

Helen Cheney

Fantastic' training Tim. You have given me the real life tools to make my new business a success. It's now up to me. See you in the 'inner circle' in twelve months time. Thank-you Tim.

Ian Rudgewick-Brown

Very informative, constructive and life changing event in which the material on offer, if used, will change your life and make you a success. Without doubt the most genuine training seminar you could possibly be part of and fully recommended. Do it, Do it, Do it!

Ian Rutter

Presentation well put together and very informative. Good value and well paced throughout the day.

Ian Wakefield

I think today has been very, very powerful, in terms of money making. I think your future in marketing will be one of the biggest successes in such a short period of time. I look forward to working with you and honoured for you to be my mentor. This is brilliant and I am very, very excited!

Ikram Bachcha

Having met and spoken to Tim for the first time I felt he was extremely friendly and approachable. He spoke and lectured in simple straight forward terms and the whole course was most enjoyable and relaxing and mostly informative. Well done Tim!!

Isvar Mistry

A positive presentation. Plenty of solid business advice and thoughtful insights. I look forward to working with you in the near future and making a significant amount of money together.

J. Kerr

Thanks Tim, what a wonderful seminar. I really enjoyed what was taught on the day and I really liked your down to earth business approach. You seem honest and very informative on your business savvy/skills. You have my highest recommendation and I cannot praise you enough. I hope our future paths meet again.

J. Waza

Anyone who wants to achieve anything in life should get a coach. If business success and financial independence are your goals the coach you need is Tim. Without a doubt the best in the business. Thank-you.

James Kerr

An enjoyable day - time went quickly proving this. Tim was patient and knowledgeable although some of the questions were frustrating. Well done - covering such a lot of information takes organisation and focus. Thank-you. Five Stars.

Janet Knowles

I found the training day to be simply brilliant. Very informative, interesting and made very simple to understand the complexities of Direct Marketing. Excellent indeed!

Jason Latif

I fully recommend this course to anyone thinking of starting a Direct Marketing business, highly informative, good step by step instructions, basically everything you need to know, and had fun on the day as well. The products supplied with the course absolutely brilliant, possibilities of combinations being endless. Great day, well done Tim. Keep up the good work.

Jeff Hallam

A well presented and easy to understand seminar. Tim was very friendly, patient and willing to answer all questions. He comes across as a very genuine person who wants to help people make big money and we are extremely pleased we have been invited.

Jill Weightman

Absolutely fantastic training. I can clearly see how to run a home publishing business and to make a serious amount of money in the near future.

Jim Pollard

From the beginning it was all made out very simple and easy to understand. No jargon and was always asking if everyone understood. Always answered everyone's questions. Tim's analogies made sense. You can tell this is a man who knows the job inside out! Really enjoyed the two days. It did not feel like training just a chat to make a marketing business. Thank-you.

Jo and Alen Hoffman

Fantastic day with lots of very useful information. Feel like I've learnt more in one day than I have in a whole year teaching myself internet marketing. Thanks again.

Joe Fernandez

Excellent workshop, information overload, delivered more than promised and excellent value. You've provided not just information but also the practical implementation. I'm leaving knowing exactly which direction I'm going. Convinced this business is life changing and I can virtually touch the pounds and success as I know it is assured. Looking forward to working with you.

John Bray

This weekend was just what was looking for - a good kick-start to get my business up and running.

John Ginty

Thank-you for a very informative and entertaining day. Your presentation was succinct, understandable and humorous as well as inspiring! I will certainly try to follow your fantastic business model and put it into action as soon as possible.

John Gittins

Thanks Tim, a great day and I'm very glad I made the decision to come. Can't wait to use your methods in my promotions. Fantastic value - thanks again!

John Goldsmith

Hello Tim, A quick email to congratulate you on the amazing offer I received from you yesterday to join you in a JV partnership... those that don't run with this are mugs.

John Hill

The course and content were way beyond what I expected. Opportunities like this are rare indeed and I felt humbled to be in the company of Tim Lowe. He spoke with passion and total belief in what he was teaching. The help, support and products provided were not just good, they are out of this world. With my commitment and their help and support I will be successful.

John Hill

Was an enjoyable day, with no sales pitch! Just facts and information re DVD Marketing. Well presented Tim!

John King

I have very much enjoyed the presentation today, everything was explained clearly and made very easy to understand. I was a little nervous about the topic with copy write but feel relieved that Tim will be coaching me on a month to month basis. He has already given me several ideas for future projects. Thank-you Tim for inviting me to the workshop, I hope we can forward to future joint ventures.

John Scott

Very informative. Entertaining. A 'must not miss' event for anyone in the future.

John Wilson

Thanks for a very clear and comprehensive presentation of the DVD Marketing business. The information enables anyone to start in this business tomorrow morning. I intend to do so.

Joop Doorn

First class. Tim's presentation, clear, precise, delivered with flair and humour. All in all a first class presentation the real deal. Superb weekend.

Julian Whitter

I have attended seminars for establishing your own business and this seems to be the best I have ever attended. I would recommend this to anyone who means business to make money.

K. Ampomah

After five years of looking at (and paying vast amounts of money for) a multitude of so called 'business opportunities' which have consistently failed to deliver any of what they promise, Tim has finally shown me something that meets all my criteria: 1 - products readily available (no need to source my own), 2 - detailed training in a clear, relaxed manner, 3 - loads of useful information, 4 - ongoing support and training if required. A fantastic (if long) day. (I'll definitely be in the Caribbean next year).

Kate Fallaize

A weekend of coaching which was exciting, stimulating and really worthwhile. All sessions were delivered in a straightforward, friendly manner and questions were dealt with immediately and professionally. All in all - great - can't wait to get started and it does help to know that 12 month's support lies ahead. Thank-you.

Kate Graham

I started off feeling very sceptical and not really trusting much. However, throughout the seminar I gained in confidence and trust and now go away feeling satisfied that I could really make this work. Your delivery style is good allowing people to feel at ease whilst also moving it along if stupid questions were being asked. Very good presentation with good visual aids, explanation and demonstrations. All in all a very informative and interesting day. Thank-you.

Keith Johnstone

Tim. It has been absolutely fantastic - just the start I need to get my new business up and running knowing I have the back-up from you to help me if and when I will need it. It has been very comprehensive and at times entertaining. I look forward to working with Tim in the future.

Kevin Hall

An excellent two days, good content, good atmosphere, good location. Excellent learning experience to start me on the road to success in this market.

Kevin McMullan

The training today into the real world of Direct Marketing was a first class presentation of how to start a business. The course was will presented and easy to follow, with opportunities to interact and give feedback. I look forward to working with Tim Lowe in the future. Many thanks.

Kevin White

Thank-you for your invitation today. I have thoroughly enjoyed the day. You are obviously an expert in your field! You obviously enjoy what you do! The way you have explained in detail the sales process for your products has been first class. Very easy to follow, very easy to understand. Look forward to working with you in the future. Many thanks for today.

Kim Allen

Tim comes over exactly as you would hope after reading his promotional material. So refreshing straight forward and very easy to assimilate. We look forward to further information training.

Lance Price

I have really enjoyed the day and this is exactly what I have been looking for, for many years. I really feel that now I will be able to move forward in this business with the steps shown to me and also the future help being offered with Tim Lowe. Thanks very much. I look forward to working with the team and achieving the success that I have been searching for, for so long in my life.

Leslie Thomas

It was very inspiring to me as I have never done this before. I look forward to having success and see and hear from you again. You were a real star. The best presentation. I've been to. It really was inspiring and encouraging and a great help to my knowledge. Thank-you Tim.

Liam Beard

I came to the presentation with specific questions in mind and they were all answered. There was a lot of information to get through and Tim pitched it at a level that was accessible to me. The opportunity to share and question such a successful entrepreneur was a valuable and very beneficial thing for y business and I am glad I attended.

Lindsay Rudland

The presentation was very professionally presented but in a relaxed and unhurried manner. Tim had total patience with answering any questions put without losing the thread of the presentation. This has inspired me to start work immediately and look forward to working with you in the future. Many thanks for your time and advice.

Lorraine Saunders

Tim, I think you were brilliant. I found the workshop very relaxing and informative. I am fully committed to seeing this work and look forward to working with you in the future.

M. Irfan Ali

I found the course very broad in content, most informative, and much more detailed than I expected. Well worth the price paid.

M. Mallam

Tim, thanks. I've always believed you get what you pay for, I received good content, very content and excellent content. But most of all a step-by-step plan to put me on the right track, not to mention the tools. Excellent.

M. Shearer

What a superb day! 'Probably the ultimate in fast track, start tomorrow, workshop in this field.' Tim tells you everything you need to know - in detail - products - hot techniques/tips/JV's and the vital action plan and ongoing consultancy. We look forward to working with you Tim!

Malcolm Cheney

Straight talking - information packed - practically put - easy to follow. The course is a proper ABC guide how to. I thoroughly recommend it.

Mark Emerson

An excellent course that will enable me to put the theory that I've learned into practice. I particularly value the on-going support.

Martin Boaden

Tim Lowe clear and concise and so nice to listen to him. All his teaching is relevant and backed up with proof. Only worth listening to someone who works in the real world and has done it before. Awesome!!

Martin Riddiough

A very informative weekend which covered all aspects required to get your business up and running quickly, especially the revelation at the end. Looking forward to working with you in the near future.

Marv Poonia

An information packed weekend very well presented. Has given me the belief that I can do this and I genuinely am looking forward to working with Tim in the near future.

Mervin Johnston

Tim is a straightforward guy, self effacing and easy going. He has obviously had a lot of experience at what he does and puts the subject matter across in a way that makes you believe anyone can do it.

Michael Bloch.

This presentation is surely well researched well beforehand. A lot of useful hints that should lead to profitable business. Thanks. I look forward to putting into practice what I have learnt today.

Michael Esho

Brilliant! I couldn't have asked for a better presentation and a potentially explosive business opportunity!

Mr P. Dartey

Best event I have attended with Tim. A life changing event as promised! Thank-you.

Myra McHale

I must say that I learnt a lot from Tim Lowe's seminar on the DVD training day. The whole day was relaxed and Tim was very eager to help people build up the confidence to give the business a go. He was very encouraging and keen to see the attendees succeed. This is one seminar I would happily recommend to anyone thinking of setting up a business of this nature.

Nancy Daboh

Very comprehensive. This is a business opportunity condensed into a day and spoon fed to be as accessible as possible. The opportunity obviously requires effort on our part but has been explained will and we have been given as many tools as possible to help us succeed. The course delivered what it promised. The success is now up to me!

Naomi Friend

Found the two days very informative and well presented in a knowledgeable and humorous way. So glad I finally came along for this once in a lifetime, life changing experience. Tim know this business inside out and conveyed this to us, also adding a lot of other useful material that is not only beneficial in business but in life itself. Thanks.

Nathan Brooks

Excellent day. All areas of setting up the business covered extremely well. Many thanks for a really good grounding.

Neil Faulkner

I had never been exposed to such quality training before. I signed up immediately and believe it was the best decision of my life. The training by Tim Lowe has reinforced by belief and I look forward to a prosperous future. Thank-you.

Nigel Brown

Down to earth approach, we didn't feel we were being ' sold' in glitzy MLM format. We've seen many speakers. Tim is the first we believed what he said!

P.Nicklin/Rob Oxley

A thoroughly comprehensive day with everything I needed. It covered so I can immediately start a profitable business. Tim also covered the negatives and the hurdles. If you can't make money from this business you may as well forget working for yourself and go back to work!

Paul Henry

Tim. Thank-you for an absolute cracking day! The information given was first class and the products look second to none (I'll let you know exactly once I have viewed them). Can't wait to get started and I look forward to a long business relationship.

Paul Joblin

Tim tells as it is, no holds barred. His presentation is full of real-life and practical experience aimed at getting you started in this great business opportunity, with lots of licensed products to choose from. He answered all questions openly and honestly, it seemed, with lots of audience participation. Many thanks for the training.

Paul Russell

An interesting day with comprehensive cover of the subject from information provided and answers to questions you obviously have a deep knowledge of the business which is comforting. I look forward to further contact.

Peter Collard

Tim has explained the principles of this business in a very straight forward and, at times, humorous way. I arrived excited and full of enthusiasm and I am learning this course in the same frame of mind. I am confident that all I have experienced will help me to establish a very successful business. Grateful thanks.

Peter Tozer

Tim delivers an excellent workshop and delivers precise information in a clear and practical manner. Workshop delivered all the information required to start making real money in the Direct Marketing business. A very inspiring day.

Philip Littlechild

I have felt more optimistic about succeeding in the marketing business than ever. Tim Lowe was interesting to listen to and has given me the confidence and tools to take my best shot in this business. The presentation was very clear and satisfying.

R Kennedy

Good course - all relevant details covered and marketing materials provided.

R. Johnson

A very inspiring and motivational weekend. I have a clear and proven business model which will enable me to make a significant amount of money and I can't wait to get started.

Rebecca and Marcus Jenkins

Thanks Tim for a fantastic and extremely informative day. All my doubts and questions were answered and now can't wait to get my business up and running. A pleasure to attend.

Richard Moore

I have for some time known that I am not living the lifestyle that I should be, and more importantly, that I am capable of achieving, but never known how to get there. Tim has shown me the proven route - the path I have to follow, and all I need to do is follow in the footsteps of this multi-millionaire.

Richard Morrant

This seminar was worth every penny. The information presented and packaged was first rate and would launch anyone with a drive to succeed into the world of making money.

Richard Murgatroyd

Tim presented a very informative reassuring presentation that was delivered in a very real, honest and direct format. All objectives, issues were comprehensively answered! Thank-you Tim.

Rick Chani

Tim revealed information that was extremely valuable, secrets were revealed and the process by which to go by was extremely interesting and simple to follow. If you want to change your lifestyle for the greater good and you are hard working, then Tim is the man to meet.

Rizwan Ali

Many thanks Tim - a brilliant two days! You have really raised the bar for professional business training. An invaluable course from A Guru at the top of the field. Excellent!

Robert Brown

Just what it says on the tin. The full Lowe down. No questions ducked - no fudge or evasion- no wild claims about becoming wealthy tomorrow. It requires patient, consistent application to succeed. I am sure that if I follow his advice and put in the hours I will get out the results. Thank-you Tim. I am looking forward to paying you your 10%.

Rodney Bamford

Use the methods and tips given and you can only succeed. Listen, learn and implement to be on your way to greater things. Intensive and enlightening course.

Roma Arthur

Very informative and wholly satisfying day. Am raring to go now that I have all the tools I need. BRILLIANT.

Ron Corbitt

This has been one of the most useful workshops I have been to because I not only come out with every step to follow to start my business, but I get a mentor, a fantastic experienced person behind me, who will be there for me every step of the way until I am successful. THAT IS PRICELESS! Thank-you so much Tim!

Roxana Thomas

The lecture was well presented and explained. Tim had a very professional approach to the whole lecture. It was an eye opener and well worth the time I spent attending the course.

S. Suppiah

Never have I attended a course with so much guidance to setting up my own business by a self-made millionaire with genuine interest for my future. Thank-you Tim.

Shariff Caunhye

Brilliant Tim. Good delivery. Excellent information. Believe me I will be back Tim for further information. You need to do a Tim Lowe seminar before it's too late.

Stan Richardson

The weekend was filled with so much great information I now know I can do this business. Tim Lowe was one of the best speakers I have listened to. Many thanks.

Stephen Morrow

A true eye opener and a fabulous friendly insight into the world of marketing. Concise and to the point. Tim is a very friendly person - he has trusted us with a handshake and I trust him with grateful thanks.

Steve Bull

The day has been informative, inspiring and entertaining. However the real value benefit is the reassurance that continued mentoring and guidance is available to help me achieve my goals. Great innovation worth its weight in gold!

Steve Nash

A very concentrated, focussed day, but delivered in a very friendly and accessible manner. Tim Lowe is a man who is able both to demonstrate and also to transfer his skills to others very effectively.

Stuart Ball

Well conducted and very organised. Content rich course. Certainly very well explained and thoroughly enjoyed by me. Would recommend to anyone.

Syed Al Sadiq

This is the only seminar that I have attended that made complete sense. It is the only seminar that one takes away a business set out clearly that will run.

T. Healy

Very enjoyable day. I feel I can now go home and start my Direct Marketing business. Tim's presentation was well organised and well presented. I look forward to working with him in the future and see it as a great benefit having access to his wealth of knowledge.

T. Mann

The training fulfilled all expectations. It was clear, precise and extremely useful. We hope to build a very fruitful business. Wish us luck! Simply BRILL"". A business in a laptop."

Terry McShannon

Illumination on the real world business model of exploiting today's media and digital information products for truly substantial returns. The workshop experience was a delight, all the information you need to start with the fantastic business angle approach going forward. But with practical support not just consultation. The hosts and trainer/s were great, managing the enthusiastic audience with humour, but never losing sight of the highly focused objectives. Excellent.

Tim Powell

A fantastic training weekend. You have given us the tools required to start our own Direct Marketing Business. We could not have attempted this without your valuable knowledge! We look forward to working with you in the future.

Tina Lumby

I have enjoyed the induction training course. There was a lot to learn. The material was well presented, not too fast and well paced. The material certainly met my needs. The presenters were humorous yet firm. Tim made the information easy to understand. I would recommend this training to others.

Valerie Clarke

Excellent information, clear, well organised.

Victoria Hartridge

This weekend is the best investment we could have possibly made. Tim really does know the business and explain fully. I defy anyone not to make money by following this system and using the products given. Thank you from both of us.

Victoria Lawrence

The presentation was everything I had expected and more. My main concerns were addressed within the first hour and from that point I was eager to hear the whole story. Tim's style was very friendly, not at all daunting and very informative. I am going away confident of his ongoing support and looking forward to the coming year.

Warren Nuth

An excellent well presented down to earth seminar full of everything and more that Tim promised.

William Hughes

The workshop has been very interesting. I have been challenged and motivated. Tim has been very open and frank and I believed he delivered the workshop in a very satisfactory manner. Many thanks.

William Sharpe

Informative and can't wait to get started. Tim's presentation was excellent and very clear and I look forward to making this work and working with him. Everything was clearly explained and I have a good idea now of starting in business.

A Harris

A very informative day with a great deal of expertise with a step-by-step action plan.

A. Allen

Excellent quality information! I do feel that the information was presented at a level that most people should be able to use very quickly to build a successful business. I look forward to working with you in the future.

A. Butler

Appropriate - venue easy to find. Well organised - good housekeeping. Tim - clear, interactive, interesting, well structured. Information - comprehensive, detailed, useful. DVD system - simple to follow and also structured. AV equipment - Well presented and professional. Objectives - achieved and easy to follow.

A. Carlton

I found the day interesting, enjoyable and very instructive. Despite having no business background I feel I am leaving with a clear brief and an excellent set of tools to make a start in the DVD business. I feel confident and motivated. Many thanks.

A. Clark

I found the seminar very well presented. The time went very quickly. All the points were covered in detail. I feel confident that I can action points.

A. Cox

This was a very interesting and enjoyable day. Tim Lowe delivered a great deal of information in a straight forward and understandable way. I have been filled with the enthusiasm to give Direct Marketing a really good 'go'. I feel that if I can't make a success of this business I won't be successful in any business. Thank-you for an inspiring day, Tim.

A. Dann

A really good presentation put across in a way you could understand. I would recommend the training for those wishing to start a marketing business. The presentation was informative but also light hearted.

A. Devlin

A very enlightening experience - packed full of valuable and useful advice and information. Given a bit of self motivation, it should be possible for any determined person to make a success of Direct Marketing using the products and advice Tim has provided. And that's not to mention the mentoring to come.

A. Macaulay

Direct and to the point. Probably the best truthful insight into a business venture. With the promised support, a definitive 'no-brainer'. Thanks.

A. Niemand

Had a very interesting and intense time. Tim explained all the necessary detail clearly and I was happy to have attended. I have learnt a lot and wish you the very best in all your endeavours.

A. Patel

Exciting, thought provoking and even entertaining.

A. Paterson

Very good presentation - in depth, practical approach. Look forward to starting a.s.a.p.


This practical workshop surpassed my expectation. I found it very useful and enjoyable. I will definitely start using what I learnt today as soon as possible. The workshop was just what I have been looking for. Very clear and humorous. Many thanks to you both, Tim and Henry.

Abbas Baba

Absolutely excellent course: at last a wealth of knowledge shared in straight forward and easy to follow terms - huge potential - exciting opportunity.

Adam Hunter

An excellent full day's training on a subject I have had no experience whatsoever of. There has been much to take in and look forward to studying and exploring all the material on the laptop and then taking action and getting started!

Adrian Webb

Educative, supportive with lots of incentives to get started. A well presented presentation!!

Ahmed Suleiman

Very easy to listen to, made a lot of sense, made sure we understood what Tim was talking about, before moving on to next subject.

Alan Edwards

It was very interesting and informative and I feel that I can now go away and act upon the advice and guidance provided in order to set up my own business. It is also very good to know that I'm not going to be left all by myself and that any support I require is readily available to me. I see this as a fantastic opportunity.

Alan Patel

Very excellent course, very well presented. I look forward to working with you.

Alan Watts

The presentation you gave today was clear to the point and while being very informative was completely attention holding. There is absolutely no doubt that the guidance in how to start my business was fully demonstrated and offered an encouraging platform from which one can set off in his/her business.

Aldyth Gardner-Ball

Good paced presentation with lots of anecdotal material which kept it interesting. To the point and easy to understand. It helped me learn a lot in a short period.

Alec Taylor

Very informative day. Presentation was excellent. A bit mind boggling as there is a lot to take in to someone who is starting off. Tim and Henry are very humorous and know their stuff. All in all it has been a very enjoyable day. I need to start the ball rolling and it is nice to know there is good support and advice at hand.

Aled Williams

Thank-you for an interesting day. I am looking forward to working with you to achieving my objectives. Thanks again.

Alen Wyatt

Very interesting and informative and this is definitely something I hope to take forward and make a success of. However a lot of information and all a bit scary though I'm very positive and determined. Extremely thorough and well presented.

Alex Nuttall

In depth knowledge gained and I feel that this time I will make it!

Alex Symmons

Full of useable information. Easy to follow. A real business model to use. Well thought out with all you need.

Alison Mackensie

I found that Tim covered all the areas needed to launch myself in this business. There certainly is work to be done; however, his example coupled with the action plan gives the impetus to get cracking. I look forward to putting into practice the lessons of today and using Tim's support. The only thing now is the action and proof in the pudding.

Alistair Rutherford

I receive many cold mail shot business opportunities. This package suits my requirements the best. I am fully equipped to get started. The mentoring programme ensures that I will not be alone. From here on 'if it is to be it is up to me'.

Allan Banfield

I felt the presentation was uniquely human! Genuine! Bu this I mean there was not an over glossy, over polished slick credible from start to finish. The big picture given was good - detail is for reflecting on and digesting at my own pace.

Alwyn Humphreys

Very good professional presentation. Concise information well worth the time.

Andrew Brown

Having looked at many other schemes, even 'joining' some of them. If you are really, really serious about starting a sensible, worthwhile business, this has to be the one most likely to succeed.

Andrew Gibson.

Very good. Worth the price.

Andrew Hudson

Liked the anecdotes and informal style. Found it helpful to know that most people won't take the business forward - strengthened my resolve to do so.

Andrew Johnson

A very thorough and complete system with a superb speaker giving us all we shall need to start our Direct Marketing Business. I can recommend Tim to anybody. Thank-you Tim.

Andrew Marsden

Very extensive and informative programme. I feel sure with the ongoing support, over the next twelve months, that I will achieve the returns on my investment that were suggested.

Andrew McIntyre

Thank-you for a fun information packed day. You made everything common sense. I look forward to working with you over the coming years and making loads of money. You and the team have put in a lot of effect. Thanks.

Andrew Milburn

I was introduced to the whole idea of internet marketing etc. several months back and have listened and ordered products from several 'Gurus', but I think today is the first time so far that I have an actual definite pan to follow - I feel this made a lot of difference. The products also I feel are very good value. Overall I am very happy with what I have been shown and acquired today and I'm very much looking forward to getting my teeth into all this. Many thanks!

Andrew Rother

Tim. An excellent day. Highly informative with easily digestible practical"" advice. My son and I found the day to be more ""motivating"" than expected - so thanks for instilling ""the buzz"". We both look forward to ""cracking on with it""."

Andrew Wallis

I found the seminar very interesting. It was presented very well. Tim's attitude was very laid back which immediately made me feel at ease. The amount of information given was excellent but delivered in a way not to overload the brain! Excellent lunch and refreshments. A great day all round. Can't wait to put it all into practice!

Andy Harris

A good one-stop shop to get started!

Andy Smith

The day has been very informative and comprehensive and I can see merit in the business opportunity on offer. Presentation of the information was delivered in an excellent manner. Help and support offered to get the business up and running seems good.

Andy Walton

Fantastic day, really informative. I now feel that I have the skills, knowledge and products to get started in this exciting business.

Andy Whitehead

Brilliant day. Very informative.

Angela Blenkinsop

Encouraging, fun and very emotive. I enjoyed it all and it has given me the kick that I have needed for some time. There is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Angela Wing

Thank-you for the opportunity to change my life and for your time. This has been a brilliant weekend and we look forward to working with you (a.s.a.p.). Look forward to your next workshop to send my relatives to!.

Angella Lamb

The day has been extremely informative. If it goes no further it will not be your failure but mine.

Anita Cheswick

Made it very understandable and liked the informal style of the day. Tim was very approachable and willing to answer questions throughout the day. Also used humour to lighten the day. I found it easy to concentrate and stay awake. Information given was realistic and did not give false promises or inflated expectations. Thank-you for a very worthwhile day.

Ann Ayodele

Very interesting insight into how to start marketing products using direct mail. I'm sure everyone who has attended will be able to reach the goals they set for themselves.

Ann Wilcox

Very informative day with clear, concise instructions on starting a direct response business, delivered with conviction and enthusiasm.

Anne Woodhouse

First things first - the underlying item, the promise of what you are offering, is mind-blowing, and I'm immensely grateful for the huge amount of information of software, methods and products which you are making available to enable what is otherwise an unbelievable dream come true. You have make it all sound possible and given very clear precise details of how to do it. And made us laugh - quite an achievement.

Anthony Martin

An excellent seminar. Very informative, providing a wealth of information given in a relaxed but professional manner.

Anthony Mortlock

An excellent and most informative day, well structured in presentation. It answered all my questions and was inspiring towards success in this field. An excellent set of initial products but I had hoped for more guidance in finding new products when eventually these products are exhausted. I hope I can read my scribble notes later.

Anthony Ridley

Excellent presentation. Very powerful business model. Can't wait to get started.

Anthony Simms

An excellent course. Tim came over in a confident manner with proven track record. Covered all aspects of the business with clear guidelines for beginners.

Anthony Thipthorpe

The day was paced very well, giving me time to absorb the material. Everything became a lot clearer and easy to understand. Feeling very excited at starting a new life.

Antoinette Walsh

I think this VIP weekend is fantastic! I learnt so much about the business in two days and I feel blessed to have been trained by Tim Lowe, the best!! He shared secrets and tips with us that make me feel confident enough to say my business partners and I will be a success!! Thank-you very much!

Antonia Ogunade-Paul

An enjoyable day, full of detailed information and practical guidance. Looking forward to working with you in the coming months.

Antonio Vuodi

It has been a very inspiring weekend. Your training has been invaluable. Thank-you for putting us on the road to success. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Arcangelo and Deri Fusco

The presentation was very good. Tim gave a lot of information step-by-step how to be involved and work this kind of business. He was so patient answering different questions arising during the presentation. I believe that he has shown his expertise and abilities for this kind of business. He is going to be a big help to every person who will be part of this business venture.

Arnel Marinduque

Tim, your training was a detailed one and very explanatory. You keep up the good work and I look forward to meeting you again.

Arun Parmar

The two day VIP training was excellent. Tim was a great teacher. I'm looking forward to working with both of them and very eager to start this business. I will make my first million by Christmas.

Asif Ashraf

A jam packed day, loaded with useful information every minute. Totally exhausted now. Thanks Tim.

Asiya Ali-Akbar

The weekend has been very good and despite having to try and take in so much, we have also enjoyed ourselves. As absolute novices it's nice to know that we will have ongoing help as and when we need it. Thanks so much, for the opportunity to improve our lives and work for ourselves. We just hope we can prove that we will be in that small percentage that succeeds.

Avril Dare

I found the day very informative. It was as and all I expected it to be. I will be going forward with this a.s.a.p. as I am three quarters of the way ready to get going.

Avrina Ware

Methodical and detailed seminar without too much padding. Excellent introduction to the business. I am eager to follow up and actually operate the business.

B. Baggarley

The presentation by Tim was full and detailed and the business opportunity a genuine chance to make some money. An informative seminar.

B. McKee

Thank-you Tim for a fantastic day. It was packed with all the information I expected from the course. You were a great speaker who came across very clearly with everything. I now can go away and start building my business. Thank-you for the wealth of information.

Barrington Shaw

Good to hear and see it was not another get rich quick scheme without any back-up or hard. Genuine evidence Tim comes across as very genuine. Great to have back-up available. Great to have steps to follow and a plan of action. A lot to take in on the day but excellent presentation.

Barry Hunter

Presentation very interesting and look forward to future contact. Brilliant!

Barry Thornton

I have had a brilliant day and understand much better now. Hope to be starting my own business within the next few days. Really brilliant. Thank-you Tim.

Bernadette Benbow

The two day VIP course was presented in great detail by Tim Lowe. I look forward to putting the specifics into practise and I leave with all the tools to do so. I feel empowered and the inspiration to achieve the choices I make. Thank you to all.

Bernard Murphy

It has been an excellent training day, a complex content broken down into easy to learn chunks of information. What we have learnt today has made me eager to go home and start on my path to financial freedom.

Berwyn Evans

Great day! Very thorough and the contacts will be useful. Everything was clear. Many thanks.

Bhavin Patel

Very informative covered everything I never knew. Looking forward to begin marketing with good support.

Bill McGorie

Very thorough and practical day. Every conceivable angle covered and assurance of support to follow was invaluable. I am looking forward to developing Tim's ideas without delay.

Bill young

What a fantastic day! learnt some crucial business advice from instructors that have actually done it.

Bob Bell

Without doubt the most professionally presented seminar of the many I have attended. All questions and queries have been answered honestly and to the point. Many thanks for a day well spent and your generosity exceeded all expectations. Looking forward to making a success of the business and doing joint ventures in the future. Thanks for everything.

Bob Davison

The day was full of information that I hope I took in. I'm looking forward to getting going with all this information and products.

Bob Hammett

It has been a fantastic day with an incredible amount of clear and concise information. A superb format to follow and I look forward to implementing it.

Bob Marshall

The presentation was in depth, so entertaining, and great speaker. I'm glad to be working with you. It's great having you on call. Looking forward to working with you.

Boniface Gumbo

I thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was informative and gave scope on what I want to do with my future. Fills in a lot of gaps.

Brendan Higgins

It has been enjoyable to meet Tim Lowe. The course has been very direct and to the point. Real intuitive and exciting at the same time. Looking forward to taking this business forward. Not much more to say other than thank-you for this opportunity. Will be speaking soon.

Brian Cousins

Very enjoyable presentation, enlightening. Will enjoy trying it out in the future. Here's to my first million, cheers Tim.

Brian McGowan

I have attended other internet marketing workshops and seminars in the past and can safely say this was the one that worked for me. I found the way that Tim covered all aspects of the business a lot easier to understand with his down to earth approach. After eight years of attending similar events I now feel I am in a position to take action which is just as well as time is passing me by.

Brian Robinson

I thoroughly enjoyed the training day. You delivered everything that you promised. I understand exactly what I need to go and do. I feel very enthusiastic about this opportunity - all I need to do now is go and do it! Henry is a star!

Brian Scully

I found your course to be conducted in a clear and informative manner and also sympathetically and humorously delivered - thank-you. For a first time exposure to all that is entailed, I feel certain trepidation at the thought of the task ahead, but hope that with your guidance and the thought of the potential rewards, I will be up to the task.

Brian Tyrie.

I came today feeling very sceptical and that it was out of my capabilities. I am leaving very much more confident and looking forward to having a profitable business up and running soon! Thank-you for making it all so understandable.

Brigid Houghton

A very rewarding and informative day with lots of advice and knowledge on Direct Marketing. The information was given over in a friendly and jovial manner and was easy to understand. The day's course was packed full of ideas and seemed to go very quickly. All the questions asked were answered well and sincerely. I have found this one day course extremely useful for starting on a direct marketing course and the products and resources given to help you get going are exceptional. I feel anybody who puts the ideas into action will succeed and should make a good income. Thanks Tim. Today was great and as the Americans say 'awesome'.

Brinsley May

Tim provided an insightful and inspiring weekend which will undoubtedly be beneficial in progressing our business.

Bruce Leahy

Today has been brilliant. I am going to put everything into practice immediately. This business will be the making of me.

Bunmi Amushait

A down to earth and very practical seminar. I will need to see the DVD's before I can order it all in my mind and put the Action Plan into effect. Perhaps a hypothetical model might give a foothold to start our imagination and guide it.

C. Amory

A very full and informative exposition. A lot to digest and I would have liked two days for so much material but realise this is not practical. It did what it said on the pack, or in this case the web. Thank-you for a most interesting day and a clear and full explanation.

C. Burgess

Sincerely I was sceptical about the whole issue, came to the seminar reluctantly but I am so, so glad I came and I believe shortly I will be making millions through this business. If you make it, I will make it too.

C. Farinde

Fantastic step-by-step process. What more could anyone want!

C. Puddy

Excellent. Does what it says on the tin!


Excellent day, very informative.

Carl Smith

I found presentation informative with regards to what can be achieved with limited amount of knowledge of the internet. Well worth giving a go knowing the amount of people now use the internet as a way of purchasing products.

Carol Andrews

Well presented and SOLD! Honesty was Tim's Best policy. We were both looked after very well all day. Well done Tim.

Caroline Coates

Excellent comprehensive content and very relaxed presentation style. Feel enthused and confident of the substance of the opportunity. Really looking forward to success!

Caroline O'Shaughnessy

This has been a most fascinating and useful day. Anna and I will be getting together very soon to start our business, confident in the knowledge that good back-up is available as well as a raft of invaluable information and products.

Caroline Smith

I would like to thank Tim for his clear and concise instructions/information for today's training. Tim has opened my eyes and thoughts to a new and real world business and I am going to capitalise on this. Thank-you again Tim.

Catherine Circus

This course did exactly what it said on the tin. I now feel that I can go away and set up my own Direct Marketing business with some excellent products that Tim has given to me. Tim Lowe is a very good presenter/trainer who gives it to you straight. There is no fluff on this training course - every word is relevant. I am so pleased that I decided to attend.

Catherine Houston

Brilliant day, presented in entertaining and informal way. We now feel motivated and more confident to actually make this business work.

Cathy Hernaman-Wood

An engaging and highly informative day. Tim comes across as a very honest person who endeavoured to answer all questions as fully as possible. With regards to the products - the many surprise extras made a lot of sense - not just random freebies and I'm sure they will make the journey to a fully functioning and profitable company much easier! Thanks.

Chantelle Martin

Initially it would be fair to say I was sceptical but after some straight answers to my questions I decided to attend. I am very pleased I did. The whole session has been extremely informative and Tim literally covered all aspects. Questions have been answered when asked. Also one important point was that the 'ad replies' were not exaggerated, showing the initial front end product was not the money spinner but the BAIT. The Triple Profit Accumulator System seems achievable in a relatively short time. The amount of products is amazing and I'm looking forward to reviewing them.

Charlie Williams

I have had a remarkable day and know if I follow everything I have been told by Tim Lowe I will achieve success and happiness. I have found out an incredible amount of information and cannot wait to start. This is the best investment I have made for my success. Thank-you Tim.

Cheryl Howe

Very good in fact probably the best I have been to but there again I've only been to two. No seriously, well done Tim. Everything I expected and more. Very clear and direct. I'm already in the business and I learnt loads and am very keen to get the products out there. Money well spent. Cheers.

Chris Brooks

Tim went into everything in great detail leaving no stone unturned ensuring we really did have the nuts and bolts to make this business work. I am extremely keen and excited to get started and look forward to working with Tim in the not too distant future. Thank-you Tim!

Chris Houry

Clear presentation. Exciting idea. We will put this into effect soon.

Chris McKay

A most interesting day with a lot of information. We will be in touch and we will succeed!

Chris Nairne

It was an enjoyable experience very helpful for starting a new business.

Chris Sykes

A comprehensive presentation covering a wide range of questions that direct marketing starters wish to know. Tim's personal approach gives the listener the confidence to tackle the tasks ahead and certainly encourages everyone attending. An enjoyable experience.

Chris White

Thank-you for a fantastic day. I've learned lots and I look forward to working with Tim in the future.

Chris Wilkinson

Some key information has come from the weekend that will enable my internet business to finally get off the ground.

Chris Wright

I have enjoyed the training day and found you have explained in detail about what you know and have learned about running a business successfully. I feel quite confident to proceed in starting up a business in the near future. I am looking forward to working with you. I hope we can make a mint together.

Christine Colquhoun

Great training weekend - clear precise and to the point - plus the actual mechanics of the business. Brilliant. Thank-you.

Christopher Bray

Very well done Tim. It has been a well spent day particularly (for me at least) you have supplied a great set of products, a simple but effective track to run on and especially important - the mentoring help for the future. Thank-you

Christopher Doran

I found the VIP Business Training course to be an in depth knowledgeable two days, Tim was very good and explained aspects in a simple manner. Thanks for a great two days.

Christopher Jones

I thought the information was clear, concise and well explained. Enjoyed the banter and levity and can't wait to get started, get learning and applying what I have been shown today. I would like to become a future Joint Venture Rags to Riches"" product in my own right using your system and mentoring programme. Thanks!"

Claire Bellavia

Thank-you for giving us an opportunity of a lifetime. You have given it to us on a silver platter - made it so possible and I look forward to working closely with you in the future.

Claire Willmoth

It was an eye opening event to owning your business. I have no doubt if I practise what I have learnt today I will become all that I want to become.

Claude Wray

Enjoyed the course and am looking forward to making further progress and a bigger bank balance. Thanks for all the valuable information.

Claudette Molyneax

This was an informative, and inspiring seminar.

Cleve Tait

The whole day was very good. You told us all we needed to know.

Colin Eddy

I have been most impressed with the training. It seems that every aspect of what's required for starting up my business has been very well covered.

Coral Smith

Very methodical and informative, delivered at a pace which was easy to absorb. Upon completion of the course I am eager to start my business immediately.

Craig Arthur

The information I received on the course has been extremely helpful, and has given me the go ahead to start up my new business.

Curtis Fleming

Before I came along today I was very apprehensive, however as the day unfolded it was quite evident that Tim had a comprehensive knowledge of his business. He was very focussed and instructive. I do know if I follow his systems as outlined this could be a very successful business for me too.

Cynthia Austin

Excellent seminar. Much more practical and pragmatic than I'd expected. I will be following it through.

D. Johnstone

I found it very interesting and found out that this business is the type of business I could make work for me and the joint venture scheme I'm looking forward to doing in the future.

D. Morton

Excellent presentation. Very worthwhile. I cannot wait to start. Thanks for everything Tim.

D. Raguraj

Very enjoyable day. Well presented and explained for a good future venture which we look forward to taking further a.s.a.p.

D. Songhurst

Coming to the workshop today was a real eye opener. Very informative. Learnt much more than expected. Job well done.

D. Vyas

Crammed packed with potentially life-changing information and happy to share real life examples with us. Excellent.

Damon Grant

A very interesting day what was explained and now I know will work. I would like to say a big thank-you to Tim and hope to meet some time in the future.

Daniel Coyle

Very interesting workshop! Learnt quite a lot of things that I can hopefully use over the coming weeks/months/years. Look forward to working with Tim and Henry soon. End of day I feel hopeful about making money at this.

Darin Brooks

Great informative seminar, a real eye opener to the world of information about product marketing.

Darren Young

Very interesting and well thought out explanation of an excellent business model. I can't wait to try the techniques and methods learned. I have every confidence that this is a solid opportunity.

Dave Riley

Having seen the videos I knew it would be good but it has been excellent. I cannot wait to get started. Your letter came at a perfect time for me and I am now raring to go full time. I have or will be getting much more physical stuff than I expected but the ongoing mentoring and add-ons make the difference. I feel privileged to be invited today and feel sure we will work well together.

Dave Stephenson

Very full and thorough presentation, which held together well. I look forward to making good progress with this new venture and I much appreciate the offer of mentoring and future guidance. The venue chosen was comfortable and the lunch provided was of a high standard.

David Beglan

The training day gave a good introduction and overview of the business and talk for us to proceed. Sound advice as what sells best, the tools used, the products offered and the business Objective in simple terms. The mechanics of the business operation was shown in understandable stages right through from product conception to successful business launch. Further information about more advanced aspects and future goals was also explained and outlined so that we know what we are aspiring to. All the contacts and support were supplied together with an 18 point action list to get on with. A complete business presentation!

David Clare

Friendly, informative, supportive, very clear and concise. Enjoyable!

David Dockree

This seminar was informative, detailed, visually well presented, honest, open and clear. Attendees should be able to start on their own business next Monday.

David Drennan

An excellent presentation. Very patient responses to questions. Many thanks, looking forward to working together.

David Gibson

This seminar was well presented, honestly run in terms of information provided and also provided a wealth of information which will successfully create this business for each one of us present. It is down to us to make it work!

David Hankin

Innovative and stimulating. Demonstrated a very professional approach to sales and marketing.

David Jenkins

What a great weekend. I am overwhelmed by not only the wealth of information given but the friendliness and generosity of all concerned. We can't wait to start our new life and look forward to a reunion in a year to compare the size of our various yachts.

David Lewis

Having had training from various agencies throughout my life and been subjected to differing standards, I can honestly say that I have found the day enjoyable, informative and feel confident that I could use what I have learned. The added benefit of further mentoring is priceless and I feel comfortable knowing I will be dealing with you, Tim.

David Merryshaw

Very well presented, clear, understandable and very patient with questions! I shouldn't need to come to another of your seminars but I'd enjoy it if I did.

David Nickalls

Really, really good course with relevant content to get you started in the DVD/info product business. Well worth the money spent.

David Ready

Thank-you for the very full day. Comprehensive and inspiring.

David Samways

I thought the day went well, the information was concise and understandable and delivered in a friendly constructive way. Questions were answered in a reasonable way and mostly fully explained. I would certainly recommend this meeting to anyone wanting to make a decent living. I wish Tim and Henry success and will definitely be pestering them for more guidance.

David Swan

The truth. The concept explained, the input and effort required, the tools to do the job. The truth. Some will, some won't. The truth. A money making model that surely works. Thank-you.

David Taylor

Tim. After a few misgivings left over from another seminar given by another individual on the same subject matter which left me just a little dazed and confused, I am very happy to say to you Tim, your seminar did the job for me. I am now happy and certainly more confident about making this business work for me. Yes, I'm going to suffer first night nerves but I know I can and will do this. Thank-you Tim. Sincere gratitude.

David Thompson

Very well put together couple of days. Great speaking and not too serious. I have learnt a great deal, so thank-you very much from myself and Sam, and will speak soon. Thanks.

David Wright

A very motivating and inspirational seminar. I'm charged up and ready to go! Many thanks.

Davina Batchelor

Really easy to follow step-by-step guide to starting my own business presented in an enjoyable way. I see no reason why this wouldn't work and I really look forward to working with you in the future (on the beach)!

Debbie George

I loved your teaching technique and found it very easy to follow. I can't thank you enough for everything that you have done to help us move our business forward. I very much look forward to working more with you in the future.

Debbie Lake

The day was very awe-inspiring. It is very credible to believe that such simple techniques and steps will/can lead to a successful business and life. What has been offered was more than value for money and the entire presentation kept me captivated and wanting to know more. Thank-you and wishing you continued success.

Denise Scotland

The seminar was most instructional and all points were covered. The information given obviously works and I hope that I can achieve similar results.

Derek Robbins

It was fantastic, enjoyable and instructive.

Derek Smith

Knowledge is precious and experience is invaluable if put into practice. You have given knowledge, your experience and how to put it into practice to gain the rewards.

Dhruv Bhatti

We feel we have met a genuine success story selling genuine products. Tim answered every question with utter candour and covered a huge amount of know-how information with professionalism and humour and without glossing over the pitfalls- very impressed.

Diana Fletcher

A very informative training day. Gave all the information required to set up a business tomorrow. Instruction given in a clear concise manner.

Diane Brooks

Thanks, useful information, just got the light bulb"" to appear for me and I will make it successful."

Dildar Ali

I am entirely satisfied with the training I have received this weekend and fully understand that the success of my business depends on one applying the teaching that you have put over very effectively in the induction training. I look forward to working with you in the future to progress our interests to our mutual benefit.

Donald Cameron

Very informative - thanks.

Dot Fisher

A superb and honest presentation with loads of relevant information about this marketing method. The cradle of real success.

Dr. Jorge Forero

Very practical and down to earth. Could do with prepared handout to write notes along. Thank-you for a great opportunity.

Dr. O. Cole

Very lucid, systematically prepared, informal and entertaining approach to a serious business proposition.

Duncan Bell

Informative, practical, comprehensive start-up programme.

E. James

Very well presented course. Tim is a good presenter.

E.S. Atkinson

The insight into a business which I know can change my life. I have been given the tools, the support and the knowledge. It is now up to me to go and use them in the order that I have been shown and knowing that it works is to put it all into action.

Eddie Clarke-Edwards

Tim explained the process fully and with his further support as promised I feel that a successful business plan can be achieved and look forward with careful setting up over reasonable time a lucrative business can be set up.

Eddie Davies

A thoroughly enjoyable course. All the marketing methods were clearly explained and the opportunity for questions welcomed throughout the day.

Edward Aspinall

Today training with Tim Lowe was an amazing experience. Thank you.

Efrain Vasquez

Excellent day. Well presented and explained. Now it's up to me!

Elaine Walsh

I really enjoyed the day and found the information you gave today very useful and interesting. I really hope this business will be successful for our family and we are looking forward to organising it and hopefully working with you in the future. Thank-you very much for sharing all your tips and 'secrets'with us!

Elena Newman

Tim, I must admit that I had a fantastic day. Really value for money. Your presentation was really good. I learnt a lot on the day and will certainly take action and do everything you taught.

Elias Badi.

Highly informative seminar, delivered with good humour.

F. Akinshipo

Great presentation, enjoyed the day especially the recap of all the main points at the end. No reason not to succeed now. Loads of useful points well explained.

F. Temple-Brown

Well what can I say! I am sure this will work for me and look forward to a great future.

Federico Forcolini.

I had very little preconception of the day, having been roped in by my friend at the last minute. I found the day informative and encouraging enough to make me seriously consider this as a venture. Thank-you for the relaxed and entertaining presentation style.

Fran Godfrey

I found this day exciting, very interesting and informative. The enthusiasm of the speakers was infectious and the knowledge was imparted step by step in an orderly fashion. Thank-you for such help generously given!

Frances O'Kane

Brilliant workshop! I believe this will give me spark to start my DVD business. Thanks Tim

Frank Adus

I have enjoyed the presentation and structure of material presented. It has been organised in a structured manner ending in a detailed Action Plan. This presentation is unique because of the Action Plan and follow through tutoring and mentoring. It is so easy to get stuck on the first few hurdles and not make the dream a reality. My personal ambition is to see it through.

G. Edlin

Very good coverage of a huge subject. Practical and virtually jargon free! Good confidence building talks and advice. Plenty of good ideas for subject search.

G. Funnell

I thought the day was informative and honest. The projects look completely 'workable' and like many opportunities the onus is on the individual to get on and do it. I am happy with the outlined plan and that nothing was over promised. Over to me now!

G. Morton-Holmes

Comprehensive day and business model was clearly articulated.

G. Payne

I have found this day extremely informative while being enjoyable. Thank you.

Gabriel Louzado

The presentation was delivered in a professional and structured manner. The subject matter is motivational and provides the method based upon experience to increase and sustain income.

Gareth Lewis

I was worried this morning that I would struggle to stay awake after leaving home at 5:15 this morning. No problem! It was really excellent and I am looking forward to getting the action plan implemented a.s.a.p. Looking forward to working with you. Many thanks - this will seriously change my life.

Gareth Wakeham

Excellent seminar. We look forward to making you and us loads of money!

Gary and Peter Candlish

Very clear and easy to understand presentation. What a jolly comical chap Tim is.

Gary Connery

Tim's presentation of the mechanics of the business was excellent and very understandable. His explanations of the potential are very motivating. Many thanks.

Gary Meiring

Tim, really enjoyed the course and looking forward to putting everything learnt into practice. Many thanks.

Gary O'Shea

The course exceeded my expectations and I feel confident in going forward to grow and develop my business. I appreciated Tim's direct and occasionally kick-butt approach! A great weekend and great venue.

Gavin Williamson

I have been on a few courses and I find your presentation presentable and friendly. There is a lot to take in but it's all there to go forward with but not immediately.

George Brooks

Very well presented and in a friendly manner. A lot to take in but hopefully all will be sorted by e-mail or phone if needs be. Thanks.

George Corsar

I loved your step-by-step process through the marketing of your products. Pure gold dust.

George Gibb

This has been a Brilliant day and me and my guest have learnt and will continue learning. It has been a relaxing fun day with a good crowd and very informative and we look forward to working with Tim Lowe.

Gerald Reading

Tim, I thought the day was very informative. You gave me a great insight into the type of business. You presented the package in quite simple steps and easy to understand terminology. I am not quite technical on the computer side of things and I have a lot to learn but I do understand the business formula behind the business. You have given me the opportunity so it is up to me to do something about it. Thank-you very much.

Gerard Courtney

Great workshop and very informative. Information was delivered in a professional manner and a very clear manner. I'm very much looking forward to receiving further training on my goal to own the Ferrari of my dreams, and my four bedroom house with a forty foot shed and a vegetable garden. BRING IT ON!!

Gero Montagna

Your coaching was of the highest quality and has equipped me with all the tools needed to make a success of this business opportunity, which I will. I look forward to working with you in the near future and thank you for your attention to detail.

Gerry Paczensky

Tim Lowe clearly understands his market and explains it in a clear and concise way. I was encouraged to proceed with confidence that the support mechanism was sound and comprehensive. Despite Tim's superb taste in shirts and ties it was quite clear that the bloke at the back was the real brains behind all of this. Go Henry! A good day and well worth the investment.

Glenn Taylor

The only seminar/lecture that has kept me awake all day after only two hours sleep. Absolutely great Tim. Thanks.

Glenys Williams

Very good. In plain English to understand. Thank-you.

Gordon Davies

This workshop has been an outstanding insight into the way Tim Lowe does his business. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is considering starting a home based business.

Gordon Finch

Thanks for a comprehensive weekend!

Gordon Glass

Enjoyed the training bill and I believe this is an excellent business opportunity and look forward to a harmonious and prosperous relationship with Tim. The work starts now. All the best.

Gordon Hogg

A fantastic day, loads of information, I feel I am able to go away and get started. A day well spent. Great delivery, very honest, warts and all.

Gordon McQueen

Excellent presentation, easy to follow, all questions answered, good value for money.

Gordon Milne

A splendid presentation in exceptional depth for a one day event.

Gordon Teague

Lots of good learning. Good practical exercises, nice atmosphere, would recommend this to anyone.

Grace Watson

Tim covered everything I needed to know. Very comprehensive, a long day but I learnt so much. Well done Tim."" I look forward to taking this further and working with you in the future. Many thanks."

Graham Curtis

Very well clearly and well presented. Excellent guide in 'how to' but honest in that work and application is down to us. Well done Tim.

Graham Garner

Excellent kick-start to the rest of our lives. Now we know how we are going to achieve our dreams, aspirations and goals, and earn our first million in the next year and buy the house we have wanted for the last 5 years. Thanks a million!

Graham Lee

Tim's presentation was very comprehensive and well put together. I would have no excuse for this new career not to work.

Graham Norton

Tim did what he said on the tin!

Grant Slacke

Tim has been very thorough in his presentation during the one day workshop. He covered every unit with great detail and was very coherent at all times. I look forward to sharing my experience with this new business in the future and can't wait to get started!!

Gregory Parsonage

Very practical and easy understand. I am looking forward to building a strong business relationship with Tim and Henry. I can see how I can enhance and build my existing business with this approach.

Gurmeet Rehal

Informal approach well structured very practical. I look forward to working closely with you and Henry in the near future. Thank-you for showing me this opportunity.

H. Hussain

Concise information. Straight from the shoulder information on building a business and marketing. Great products.

H. Wallis

The seminar was very intensive but easy going and well paced. In terms of value it was superb, because this is the only seminar where the products were basically handed to you on a plate for you to customise in more or less any way you wanted or designed making the products very unique. Great seminar!

Hamant Keval

Very good workshop and well presented. Easy to understand in Layman's terms. A workshop I would highly recommend to anyone looking to enter the DVD market. Brilliant.

Hans Storrie

Today has been far better than my expectations. I attended sceptical but all my questions have been answered and I am leaving feeling positive and sure that what I have learned today will bring in the cash if I follow Tim's word.

Hazel Carter

I found the seminar absolutely fantastic and very informative. I was very impressed at the content and now in-depth Tim was with explaining things. Brilliant. Thank-you.

Hazel Wilkinson

Thank-you very much Tim. I have really enjoyed the day. Thank-you very much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom throughout the day. It has been a good day and I am looking forward to making a start and working with you in the coming months. Thank-you also for the invitation to the workshop. I have learned a lot of valuable information on Direct Marketing.

Hazel Wynter

I've thoroughly enjoyed Tim's workshop. He's been very helpful and amusing in presenting all the aspects of an exciting business opportunity. I feel confident in his expertise and optimistic of making a success of his methods. Thanks very much too to Henry for his diligence and good humour.

Heather Field

Clear, step-by-step instructions on how to make lots of money with Direct Mail. Replicable by anyone without much experience in this field. Plus added feature of ongoing mentoring. Wow! That's value for money.

Heather Reid

informative and inspiring. The content and ongoing support for 12 months is invaluable for me to feel confident in moving forward, taking action and changing my career.

Helen Cunningham

High quality content and presentation from Tim - time will tell how effective I am at using it. Ongoing support invaluable.

Helen Narracott

I think you have passed your knowledge over to me to a satisfactory level and have enjoyed your training and look forward to working with you in the coming months.

Hiren Patel

A super day. Very informative. Provides the entire 'tool kit' needed to start what I expect to be a really successful business. Many thanks.

Howard Rees

Excellent - really gives a detailed step by step system for how to set up a business and how to expand it in the future. The range of products offered are first class and clearly have a high demand with the huge number of people looking to make extra money on and off-line and in many cases to leave their current jobs to gain financial freedom.

Hugo Frowd

Well presented in a light hearted easy to follow style. Lot of good practical information with a step-by-step system that anyone can follow knowing that you are there for advice and back-up support when requested is very valuable. All in all a very good day.

Hugo Frowd

Very good presentation told me everything I need to know and most importantly offers very good back-up.

I. Stewart

The training has been both thorough and enjoyable. We learned more than we expected and look forward to building our business to become a leading information marketer, and wealthy.

Ian and Christine Dunford-Jones

We were very impressed with the overall content of your workshop and your obvious commitment to stimulating all the participants to get started on their new business. Denis and I have already started to work on our ideas to put the Action list into action straightaway. Many thanks.

Ian Birch

Thoroughly enjoyable and instructive. Software and website and clearly going to be of enormous help. Will probably have a million questions as soon as I start but much encouraged by twelve months helpline! Everything was put over clearly and at a sensible pack. It was a good idea to have a past trainee in attendance. The Dynamic Duo approach helped to break the ice. All in all a fun day with a serious intent and result. Many thanks.

Ian Butcher

Thanks for a very well structured presentation. ~Coming from a background where I know absolutely zilch about marketing, I now feel that you have given me the tools to make a positive start to my new marketing future. You were easy to understand ( no tacky marketing jargon) which kept the whole day at a 'very interesting' level and was extremely informative. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Ian Collett

Tim has provided an enjoyable, practical and very honest account of how he has profited from this business, including the tips and pitfalls encountered along the way. This is going to save so much time and money for me as a newcomer. The rest, from hereon, is down to me. Well done Tim - Great value!

Ian Hill

Having had a wonderful time and also expanded my knowledge about Marketing I fully intend to carry the business forward. Thank-you again for sharing your knowledge.

Ian Jackson

The seminar was most informative and cleared up any questions that may have been asked. Very excited about joint ventures. In all totally astounding.

Ian McCallum

The course/presentation covered all the basic areas required to get started. Having twelve months support will be invaluable. The additional information to assist is very useful. I think a things to do list would have been beneficial at the end. Overall excellent course!

Ian Parker

I learnt so much and am raring to go! Thank-you!

Isabel Bartelt

I was intrigued by the fact you said you were not good at presenting and then after 30 minutes it was very clear you had a passion for your subject - a passion and a clarity that makes the task ahead manageable. This has been a very thorough and simple step-by-step guide to running a successful business that's sustainable. I'm tired but looking forward to starting tomorrow. ( Well I'll start the company search tonight). Before I came I was not confident about selling. Now it's a different story. I know what to do.

Ivor Flint

I found Tim's detailed talk most useful particularly the demo's on using Google and Order Desk Pro. His action plan was a very practical example of not finding an excuse to do nothing! I look forward to viewing the many videos and DVD's including 'copy writing'. I have attended several seminars before but Tim's was free of American Jargon and the best. I look forward to future joint activity.

Ivor Moody

A truly mind blowing opportunity with unlimited potential. Fantastic offer of support to help build a successful business to benefit us both for the future.

J. Barber

Gives you all the information you need to get a business going. The bonus packages mean great value for money and a large library of products. Excellent presentation, fun and informative.

J. Butler

I feel that all the facets of Direct Marketing have been comprehensively explained to us during the duration of the Training Day. There were times for questions on anything that was unclear.

J. Cox

Dear Tim, I found the day very challenging as I am not very computer literate. However I will press on regardless and hope to enjoy a successful business relationship in the future. Many thanks.

J. Judge

I am very pleased that I attended this workshop and look forward to starting on my own with help from Tim as my mentor.

J. Kidd

Lots of information to absorb - well presented and made enjoyable and not too serious. Useful information and back-up stuff. Very patient Tim. Extremely useful.

J. Lane

A very useful day with much practical information to digest and assimilate. Your manner in the presentation was professional and sensitive to the trainees. Questions were answered to our satisfaction given our novice status in this business. The amount of material that we are to receive is impressive and I look forward to driving this business forward. Thank-you.

J. Lynch

Informative day. Felt Tim covered all he could in the time allocated but there is so much more to know. I believe Tim now leaves that up to us to ask i.e. questions for assistance etc. of him. Informal setting but still a professional approach and manner adopted. Clarity and focus was maintained. Like the ribaldry between Tim and Henry initially and then including Ken. If people are putting in the work via the Action Plan/list I strongly believe that Tim will be genuinely there to assist them i.e. he wasn't bull shitting and seems very approachable. I believe a small manual/brochure would have been of some assistance to give to us as a general overview of the topics to be covered. Then I believe it is up to us to make our own relevant notes during the seminar. Thank-you for your time so far. Be of no doubt I will be seeking more of it in the coming weeks/months.

J. McSherry

A very professional presentation. The information was presented in an understandable way. The day has been packed full and it was well worth attending. Thank-you.

J. Murray

A very full day with a wealth of useful relevant information presented in a friendly and efficient manner with time for questions etc. It will take a few days to sink in but everything is there to start a home based business. Thank-you for an excellent day.

J. Peter Mee

Great presentation. Many thanks.

J. Scott

I accompanied my husband not knowing what to expect I found the presentation to be very well demonstrated and informative. We were looked after very well. All questions were answered and the back-up service is an added bonus which is really appreciated as there is a lot to learn and take in. Well done and many thanks to you all.

J. Sherif

Clear, precise, understandable and for the amount of information received it needed to be just that. Thank-you Tim.

J. Stevenson

This has been a most enlightening and wonderful day. I leave full of confidence that that I can make a success of this business.

J. Taylor

A professional presentation given clearly with attention to detail. Very good speed of delivery which enabled understanding. Responsive to attendees' questions and concerns.

J. Thickett

I found the day interesting and informative and gave me the confidence to seriously consider setting up a new business.

Jackie Lyon

I found your seminar very enjoyable and really informative; Tim seemed to be genuinely sharing his knowledge with us in a straight forward way. There was no feeling of pressure or over exaggeration or U.S. style, excitement etc. Excellent.

Jackie Richardson

Very interesting day. A lot to take in but well and thoughtfully explained and am looking forward to the ongoing relationship to build both businesses forward.

Jacqueline Bursey

A day full of very valuable information. Tim offers not only fantastic knowledge but a very comprehensive licensed set of products. It opens your mind to many possibilities to build real wealth over time. The most important advice I have taken from today is it is vital for you The Student to take constant action and follow the 20 point action plan. I have learned that from relatively small volumes of front end orders large back ends and triple accumulators can be achieved.

Jacqui and Glen Tillyard

Very good, easy to pick up the information. Also the seminar was well spaced out, but very intense.

Jade Keval

First class very informative seminar presented in an easy to follow format. I look forward to developing the DVD Marketing Business with confidence within full knowledge that the guidance and support is there for the asking by the twelve month support guarantee given by Tim Lowe.

James McCahill

Very clear and informative. Very confident that I can make this work having seen and spoke to Tim in person.

James Pidgeon

A very informative and thorough day that left me excited for the future. Hopefully I will have as much enthusiasm as Tim for the road ahead and that seems highly likely as it was an inspiring day!

James Wills

Most practical information I have had on a course. Thanks. Looking forward to the summit in the Caribbean.

Jane Patmore

I feel it was exceptionally well presented seminar - in logical order, easy to follow and comprehensive. Professional but friendly too. A few small areas I felt unsure about mainly due to my slight fear of computers (but I shall soon fill in these little gaps for myself)!

Jane Williamson

We found the training very informative and feel we have gained a lot from the weekend. We are looking forward to seeing the results of the efforts we will be making to see this new business work.

Janet Dudley

An excellent and informative training day. I now feel ready to start my business.

Janet Jones

I have enjoyed today. I will take this business forward, although I feel excited and scared. I plan to be the first millionaire in my family. Today was clear I now need to just do it.

Janet Roper

I think that the workshop day was very interesting and most beneficial. It has enabled me to acquire and to help our purpose for the future. Excellent business prospects.

Janet Stipsen

I found Tim Lowe a very interesting and genuine guy. He explained everything fully and answered any questions we may have had. I found today to be a real pleasure and we look forward to starting our own business. I would like to say a really big thank-you Tim for today.

Janice Paynter

A very interesting course. Full of useful information and handy tips. A long day but interesting. Tim was clear when speaking and answered all questions honestly. I look forward to working with.

Jay Kerai

A well organised and informal weekend retreat to get you to a level of making money fast. Really enjoyed it Tim. Looking forward to making my first million!

Jay Miah

I thought that Tim explained everything very well and clearly. I learnt a lot.

Jeannette Salt

All parts of the seminar were very well explained in plain language. Good examples used to explain each component often with good humour. Well done. Don't change a thing!

Jeff Barnes

The workshop was a very professional event. The information was excellently delivered, competently expressed in a step by step process. I was very impressed with the team. I now feel that any fear or negative thoughts have been expelled. Well done. Many thanks.

Jeff Wilkinson

I found the presentation very informative explaining the pitfalls and correct way of proceeding with the marketing and sales. A good mentoring session.

Jeffrey Bruce

Presentations by Tim Lowe were excellent. Learnt a lot in two days. Thanks a million for showing us the magic formula.

Jekishan Mistry

A good clear action plan to follow step-by-step to create a business - no excuses!

Jennifer Carr

An informative and entertaining day. I feel now able to move forward with my business. The support of a 'mentor' will be invaluable.

Jennifer King

A very useful and practical course. The balance (for me at least) was correct - some inspirational anecdotes but mostly focussed on the 'How to' aspects of the business. A lot to take in on one day but to be backed up but mentoring one on one sessions means there will be good ongoing support. Well worth it.

Jeremy Sharman

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and wish I had known some of this information when I started my businesses two years ago. The forward approach to choosing a product for a hungry market to me is the critical key to success. If I do this I know I will achieve my goals and can make money whilst putting my feet up - my particular vision. Thanks Tim for keeping it real.

Jill Mytton

Simply the best product development, marketing and business training I have attended. Thanks.

Jim Wallis

Very informative, clearly demonstrated, use of practical applications was very useful. Very inspiring and motivating. Final action plan - good summary and clarification. Can't wait to get started!

Joanne and David Boland

An enjoyable event. It was all explained in a clear but light-hearted manner and everyone was relaxed. I feel that I will benefit greatly from what I have learnt so watch this space!

Jodi Bennett

Great programme - made infinite sense once the day unfolded. The focus was real and easy to understand.

John Astley

This has been exactly what my business partner and I needed to clarify our objectives and provide a very detailed route map. Brilliantly presented, Tim - a tour de force! Even though I have been studying and working with Internet marketing for nearly 3 years, there was much that was new to me. You cleared much of the complication and provided a business plan based upon a simple and common sense approach that anyone, even without prior knowledge, could apply. We go forward with confidence to a profitable future. Thank-you.

John Barford

Did what it said on the tin. No flash just straight forward easy to follow everyday speak explaining what could be a difficult subject in easy to grasp stages. Everyday bloke with exceptional insight into how to run a successful business.

John Campbell

I found the workshop both interesting and informative. It covered every aspect of the DVD marketing business. Tim put his message across in an easy to understand way. There was hardly any jargon. Tim came across as an honest and genuine person, who genuinely wanted other people to be as successful as he is.

John Clements

Very enjoyable and valuable experience. The conference went into great detail and gave me all the knowledge I need to succeed.

John Cudbertson

I have found that the whole weekend was informative, interesting, enlightening and totally beneficial to starting a product licensing business. It was well run and good fun. Many thanks to Tim for your time and expertise in our new venture.

John Edwards

The content was both interesting and practical. Very well delivered by Tim. He did impress the effort and risk involved plus the need for a structured focused approach. Excellent.

John Flaherty

A long day with a lot to take in. Very smoothly and professionally presented by Tim who clearly knows his stuff. Thoroughly enjoyed the day, am looking forward to getting going with my new business and to seeing you next year in the Caribbean.

John Harvey

Brilliant day - extremely comprehensive revelation of all Tim's secrets and insights into all he's learned over the years. I feel fully prepared to take advantage of this amazing DVD market. Tim's openness, encouragement and support is refreshing. Thanks for helping. Thanks for helping me get started.

John Jamieson

Having tried many times to attend previous workshops but failed at the last hurdle due to other business commitments; I was frustrated at not being able to get started on my own Direct Marketing business. This workshop has made me realise that this is my way forward and will be pulling out all the stops to begin. Thanks Tim for a very thorough and informative workshop and I look forward to working with you from today onwards.

John Kilcoyne

I found today's seminar very informative and was delivered in a very professional manner. I found Tim to be a credible and genuine person who obviously enjoys what he does. I can't wait to get started and I am leaving very excited about my future business.

John Lloyd

Tim was a competent speaker and explained the business in full. I have never attempted anything like this before, but hope to make a real attempt at this venture.

John Mailey

I found the presentation honest, up-front and transparent. I was left comfortable with the claims and figures presented, and was left with the understanding that it's all that was promised i.e. a business with substance.

John McCabe

Well presented well rounded workshop which covered some things that I already knew because I'm familiar with the Internet. However the content was excellent and presented in a logical order. There is no excuse for not succeeding with this information.

John Murphy

A very comprehensive and well thought out event which gave participants all the knowledge to succeed in the business. Although it was a lot of information to take in during one day, Tim made everything clear and we are now very motivated to start our business as soon as possible.

John Potter and Jodi Bennett

Very good, easy to understand.

John Smith

A fascinating and informative seminar giving enough detail to start the ball rolling. If we do not succeed with this it certainly is not Tim's fault. We start tomorrow.

John Townsend

A brilliant and very informative course. Fantastic day.

John Williams

Organised, interesting, detailed, and honest. Look forward to putting it into practice.

John Woodward

I found the training and presentation quite interesting, informative and self explanatory. I am quite impressed by your informative, clear and concise instruction/lecture. Many thanks.

Johnson Amushan

I have found the training to be very useful. The training approach is clear and straight forward. It is a practical approach to making money, big money! It will definitely change one's life if religiously followed.

Johnson Obilanade

I have been eagerly awaiting this weekend. I must admit the course not only came up to, but surpassed my expectations. With Tim at the helm I am sure success is not far away.

Jon Donoghue

We have both thoroughly enjoyed this memorable weekend and have learnt so much. We now feel able to start our business with fervour and are really looking forward to the coming months and years working with you.

Jon Lake

I had an extremely informative day; you delivered your talks in straight forward English that I can understand. Thankfully there was no technical jargon. I feel fairly confident that I have enough knowledge to get started in a confident fashion, with the knowledge that you will help support me during the coming months. Thank-you very much.

Jon Shaw

I have found today's presentation inspiring although it is questionable as to the definition of 'shoestring'. I also very much look forward to working with Tim at some point in the future. This is without doubt the most realistically achievable life-changing opportunity I have ever come across. Eyes down - look in!! I'm going to give it my best shot.

Jon Windeatt

Not a lot needs to be said, everything was presented very well. At times was unsure whether we would get the clear understanding of the concept. Glad to say it all fell into place and was very well received. I thank Tim and all involved in making this possible. I very much look forward to a prosperous business venture or many business ventures with Tim and other colleagues in the future. Many thanks.

Jonah Searby

Excellent presentation! You covered all the essential parts of the business in the time available, with good examples of products and how to re-brand/package and market them to suitable markets.

Jonathan Rapley

It was a terrific training/induction course. I was blown away by the event. The pace was very good, very informative, the content was excellent. For a novice like myself I do like one to one training. I do like concept of this type of training and the business potential behind it.

Joseph Carroll

Very good. Simple but effective. Can't wait to get started.

Joseph Lockey

A very full couple of days. Enjoyable and informative. I have written loads of notes which I would do regardless of whether or not a handbook"" was to be supplied. I am very confident that I will succeed and my mindset has been set by Tim. I look forward to working with you. Many thanks."

Joy Rasmussen

It was a down to earth presentation with steps to follow and the cherry on top is that we will be able to work directly with you and it was also very practical and easy to follow. I enjoyed the course hoping to meet you when we will be working with you as a mentor.

Joyce Jacobs

Very useful practical workshop. By the end of the day we had an action plan which we could immediately begin work on. Tim presented his method very clearly - no gimmicks or waffle. Well worth attending. Added bonus is the offer of ongoing mentoring.

Judy Baba

I have enjoyed Tim's presentation which has been well presented. The information was clear and straight forward. Thank-you Tim.

Judy Hammond

Extremely professional and informative seminar. Very much worth the money. Lighthearted but straight to the point. I'm very optimistic about starting this business and now feel I have the tools for it. Many thanks. More than I was hoping for or expecting.

Julian Ward

The entire weekend has been of great value, both in content and entertainment. I believe that the information provided has enabled me to begin the process of changing my life and creating a new existence through this business model. Many thanks Tim

Julie Arnold

Very informative day, also interesting. Your explanation on DVD's was very thorough and fun with it. Look forward to doing business with yourself and Henry.

Julie Eaton

A brilliant immersion experience that walked me through step by step what I need to do to create a multiple income stream business. The course was not only focused on the how to but also on the importance of getting into a millionaire mindset. Tim is a great inspiration and can help you to realise that anything is possible.

Julie-Ann Jameson

Very well throughout. Easy to understand. Presented in a very good way. Easy to listen to.

June Smith

Tim was very straight forward and the course was easy to understand although fairly intensive. The course was well presented and covered all aspects of the business.

Justin Granshaw

The presentation was found to be clear and concise with the relevant information shown and the risks and advantages highlighted.

K. Allen

I like your style. You have even convinced my negative partner that you are one to trust. To infinity and Beyond!

K. Cartwright

I was very impressed, (not only by the content of the course and products being supplied and the hospitality) but by your friendly, down to earth approachable and amusing manner which kept the class focused and interested all day long.

K. McPheely

I think today has been informative and it's up to myself to get stuck in.

K. O'Sullivan

A very enjoyable and fulfilling day. Tim covered everything hence very short question time at the end. Will certainly go on from here and look forward to a close working relationship with Markiteer.

K. Owens

The event has been informative and given direction to get the business started. very inspiring plus gets the mind focussed towards getting started in correct mind set. Very good presentation by Tim Lowe.

Kamlesh Makwana

I found that Tim was very helpful. I appreciate the post seminar support which has been offered and look forward to working with Tim and building a successful business in direct Marketing.

Karen David

Great session, now armed with all the tools I need and the positive mind-set to really make this work. Informative, open, honest approach of training. Thanks guys. Look forward to sharing the journey.

Gavin Day

I found the day to be most informative and with the mentoring aspect am sure that Rob and I will have a successful business in the near future.

Karen Norgate

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and found the training informative and definitely delivered in no nonsense realistic terms. I was left in no doubt that the only limits to making money in this business are the limits we impose upon ourselves. Thank-you Tim for providing me with the 'how'. Looking forward to adding to my visions.

Kate Taylor

Informative, exciting day. There's a lot to take in but Tim puts across the points in a clear and easily understood manner. The option to avail myself of the follow-up mentoring is first class and very encouraging.

Kathleen Graham

The VIP residential weekend training and ongoing support programme provided by Tim Lowe has been absolutely fantastic. It has been paced at exactly the right level and built perfectly onto the training already received previously. The twenty step quick start action plan at the end of the weekend enabled me to know exactly how to start on Monday. Thanks Tim.

Keith and Kelly Bird

Very impressed with the content and presentation of your very comprehensive seminar.

Keith Johnstone

A lot of information to take in, but congratulations on keeping the day flowing in excellent logical order. Pressing home the importance of your Action plan. Thank-you.

Keith Kelly

I am entering an area of business with which I have had no previous experience. My expectation before I attended today's presentation was rather limited. At the end of it I could not, I believe, have a higher expectation of what I think I can achieve.

Keith Ludlam

Tim removed several road blocks that I'd acquired during my years of battering away at the Internet Marketing puzzle. I look forward to moving ahead faster and further under the guidance of my personal mentor and future friend..

Kelvin Eastgate

Great course, great content, great venue and yes great presenter.

Ken Lim

Excellent delivery of information. A good balance between being funny (Ha Ha) and serious. The action plan at the end pulled the days information together. A really good informative day. The foundation has been set for me to go on and achieve.

Ken Parsons

I have been overwhelmed by your giving, and generous content: you (all) have been terrific. We both work over full-time and hope we can soon do this seminar justice. With my warm, grateful, inadequate thanks.

Kerry Bekker

I found Tim very humorous and very informative and the information was put in a way that was very easy to understand. Obviously he is in the real world. Thanks for all your help.

Kevin Bursey

A wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding delivered in an energetic and humorous way continually checked audience comprehension with genuine interest in sharing his success with others.

Kevin Delaney

Excellent training, good methodical approach to explain and clarify the system and objectives.

Kevin Ellis

Excellent workshop. Was of course worried about the cost but worries now relieved. Licensed products appear excellent. Was pleasantly surprised with all the extra material. Looking forward to working with Tim in the future.

Kevin Halfpenny

Extremely informative event of intensive training and mentoring. Loaded with the necessary skills to get you into this business. Tim made himself available for one-to-one consultations throughout which made the event formal but informal as well. Superb weekend and look forward to the ongoing training.

Kevin Orme

Tim provided a truly pragmatic, real world business training weekend, the result of which we are confident will lead into building a large and profitable business.

Kevin Potts

I found the day very informative and was really impressed with the products. I cannot wait to get started.

Kevin Smith

An absolutely amazing experience! The most inspiring workshop I have ever attended! Many, many thanks to Tim and his staff for all the work they put into this weekend. Thank-you so much for this wonderful opportunity!! One I will never forget. Thank-you so much.

Kim Taaffe

I really enjoyed today's presentation. I feel it was very informative with lots of brilliant tips and trend secrets. Tim came across as a very warm, genuine and helpful coach. Money well spent.

Kristina Hollins

Came across well. Very informative and well spoken.

L Dowling

An excellent day that was well presented, informative and easy to access. It is always helpful to listen to someone who has personal experience of a business practice - this was definitely a hands on approach and not just theoretical.

L. Freeman

Brilliant day. At last things make sense.

L. Hillman

A day spent with Tim was a joy and an illuminating experience full of humour, yet he gave practical advice which was easy to follow. He pointed out pitfalls and recommendations along the way. I certainly will be following his teaching and hope to reach and even surpass him!

L. Kidd

I found the seminar relaxed and informative. Tim took the time to go over areas which did not sink in at first. A real eye opener. Thank-you for an enjoyable day.

L. Thompson

A real eye opener. A business in a box opportunity which is practical, understandable based on real life results which has been explained in a step-by-step manner my little three year old Ryan can follow. Thank-you. I was in the right place at the right time...

L. Williams

Tim, thank-you for all your energy, enthusiasm and knowledge. I am now confident that I have the recipe (and products) for success! A VERY useful day.

L. Wilson

Very well laid out - answered every question. Gave me a good understanding of the business and gave me the confidence to pursue it for myself.

Lauren Van Veen

Tim Lowe has provided a comprehensive and insightful workshop in the Business Training Academy. This has given me all the start up knowledge and platform to launch my own business on my way to becoming a millionaire.

Laurence Ash

Very informative, liked the humour, enjoyed the whole day. At the end of it all, feel that I have no excuse not to make a success of this new adventure.

Lawrence Glenn Smith

A very comprehensive presentation which provides clear direction with regard to starting up in the Direct Marketing business. Tim also provides useful information for those seeking contacts who can really help to develop all aspects of your business.

Leona Tyrie

Dear Tim, thank-you for providing the vehicle and know-how to improve my life and standard of existence. You are quality, funny and more importantly, honest in your approach. I felt welcomed, valued and my questions were met with respectful, honest and helpful answers.

Leroy Smith

I came - I got it - I'm off to do it. Thank-you.

Les Johnston

Even though I expected this training to be enjoyable and of a high standard, I have still had my eyes and more importantly, my mind opened much further than I expected. This will change my life completely and I am looking forward to showing the results to everyone in the future. (The near future). Tim Lowe is to be congratulated.

Lesley Bailey

Clear and logical presentation. Friendly and confident approach. Excellent facilities and conference area.

Lesley Carlton

I thought this was an excellent presentation and a day well spent. It has given me the push to go ahead and start my own Direct Marketing Business. The promised support and help will be gratefully accepted as I am sure I will have questions in the future. I have been looking for a course as excellent as this for years and Tim has delivered beyond my expectation.

Leslie Lavender

Been an enjoyable day. Learned a lot about Marketing and was very happy the way you explained everything. All in all a good day. Hope to be working together in the near future. Thanks again.

Liam Warrillow

Very intense. Full of great ideas and shortcut solutions that will no doubt enable our new business venture to reach much higher returns in a shorter spacer of time and making our dream become reality. Thank-you so much.

Lianne Gatheridge

Glad I came as a guest. Well presented Tim!!

Linda Hall

The induction training was very well planned and delivered. Everything promised by Business Training Academy was delivered in a comprehensive and easy to understand manner. I left the seminar knowing fully what the eal world"" business entailed and what I needed to do next. I look forward to working with Tim as my mentor over the next twelve months and making some money. Simply Brilliant!"

Lola Grange

Very comprehensive programme. Style was easy to follow and interactive. All questions were answered fully and now feeling very confident about the future.

Lorraine Allen

Brilliant weekend. Very informative and inspiring.

Louisa Koetzee

I found the presentation very interesting and informative. Looking forward to getting started and working with Tim in the future.

M McBride

Tim gives a very comprehensive and in-depth coverage of his DVD business which anyone who takes action can benefit immensely.

M Triggs

Tim gave me the impression of being supportive and informative. Tim's presentation was well structured, organised and focussed. The concept is ok but putting it into practice is another thing but challenge feeds and drives motivation, so here goes!

M. Devonald

Very professional presentation, enjoyable day, clearly explained with all questions answered in detail.

M. Gray

Very straight forward and one to one approach. Covering all areas of direct marketing. A good place for entrepreneur and business minded people to learn about the trade.

M. Krishnan

A very well organised and presented day. It is no mean feat to keep my attention for the whole of the day. I need to digest the content of the day to consider how it can be applied in my word. I also need to explore potential markets to establish whether this is a true winner for me. I don't doubt it works but I may need to draw upon the mentoring to make it work for me.

M. Oxford

Very informative and exciting concept and look forward to working with Tim in the coming months and years. I have really enjoyed the day and as long as I take the advice offered I cannot see how we cannot make money with this business model.

M. Putnam

The information I received from Tim today is very valuable. I am going to put this into practice and hope to achieve what Tim has taught me very soon.

M. Yaseen

Tim comes across as honest and has sold me this business via his honesty, clarity and very useful information.

Mahesh Kerai

Clear and well presented. Very willing to answer questions. Made everyone feel at ease. Break times set about right. Made all feel we could do business together. Hope it all works out!

Malcolm Belchamber

Thanks again for the fantastic training and the opportunity to partner with you on these and future products.

Malcolm Riviere

This was the most beneficial workshop/seminar I've ever attended. The session was most practical, presented in an easy form, in a relaxed environment. Very motivational. Detailed and enjoyable. I've attended seminars before but this was the most meaningful in every sense of the word. Once more thank-you very much to you Tim and associate Henry.

Manana Molefe

Slow at start. Warmed up from 11am. Very interesting second half. Very useful information. Will be in contact.

Manfred Mueller

Excellent day! I was ready to launch a DVD marketing business prior to this course but thanks to your methods I will save tens of thousands of pounds on marketing methods which I believed were the only way of moving forward. Thank-you

Marek Szulc

Very good course. Definitely value for money and the follow-up plan is also very good. I am now ready to start and it is good to know that there is help at hand whenever I need it. The teaching was great. It is also good to know that I am learning from someone who has been productive.

Margaret Akinterinwa

The workshop was very interesting and personal which was refreshing. I have left today extremely excited and enthusiastic for the future. I'll look forward to working with you soon Tim.

Mark Robbins

Well thought, well managed and enjoyable presentation. All the tools are given to you to succeed!!!

Mark Rouse

Interesting, believable and very informative. I am looking forward to starting on Monday.

Mark Sylvester

Well presented, comprehensive coverage. End of day feeling in 'brain overload' and think may need regular reminders/assurance of how to proceed.

Marlene Barter

I think today has been a very useful and enjoyable day. I have some background knowledge with Internet Marketing but with Tim's breaking down into sep-by-step manageable chunks along with future assistance I now feel very confident to finally start profiting after four years of learning. Some very exciting products to work with.

Martin Farina

First class. Thank-you. Look forward to working/dealing with you in the coming future.

Martin Scivier

The course was very thorough, with lots of practical advice and tips. What gave me most confidence was the Action Plan and list of resources or contacts to help and of course Tim's coaching and mentoring along the way.

Mehboob Hussein

A very full and comprehensive course very well put over and explained.

Mel Sloan

Enjoyed the course and look forward to taking our business forward. Tim's relaxed style made everyone feel comfortable.

Melvyn Jones

I thoroughly enjoyed your course today. I found it informative and well thought out. It gave me a good basis on which to start my business and a huge amount of material to both help plan my business and the products to provide. The action plan together with the mentoring should ensure that at long last I get started in my business.

Mervyn Bloch

Well organised administration before and during the training day. The details of the business opportunity were clearly communicated and visual aids supported the content. For me I feel overloaded and will judge on how successfully I can put the instruction into practice. I expect to need ongoing help!

Michael Andrew

I have found the training of an intensive nature and as time goes ahead, it will and should give us a very sound business. Thank-you all.

Michael Baiton

Very informative, down to earth information. A lot to take in but I'm sure the business will work particularly with the back-up from the organisation.

Michael Brancker

Fantastic stuff. A very useful and focussed training day providing a complete and comprehensive summary of how to operate the business, how to get started and most importantly how to change the focus of one's thinking in order to achieve success.

Michael Hogg

I am very satisfied with the course material and delivery over the last two days. I feel confident that the course has put me in a position to start my business using the methods outlined immediately.

Michael Howley

Excellent source of information to not only get started but to move forward substantially in Direct Marketing. Very well presented by Tim the speaker and kept my attention at all times! The practical workshop groups were extremely beneficial.

Michael Johnson

A most constructive weekend, revealing the nuts and bolts of how to do this business. Thank-you for all your experience and guidance.

Michael Orchel

Tim, I am not a seminar junky but have been to a few in my life as a Chartered Accountant etc. I have had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the day with you and your team. Your view of business basics are spot on and highly appropriate to the day. Your whole business approach and the way it all comes together and later you win more when we win more is great. Thanks for your candour and honesty. Some handouts might assist.

Michael Penn. F.C.A

I found the day very informative with a lot to take in. I feel that I am starting on a new journey now after Tim pointed out the way he has been successful in his business. I look forward to a profitable future and talking to Tim in the future when I have made my first sale.

Michael Potter

Clear easy to follow instructions with full back-up. Great potential for the new comer.

Michael Storey

I found the day very informative with clear instructions on how to move forward. Key elements will help me focus on attaining the goals I desire.

Michael Young

The business training today has been very productive and has inspired me to make serious money. The contents and delivery have been useful and interesting. Well done Tim, I will be joining you soon in the millionaire circle.

Michelle Attoh

This is the second workshop I have attended due to lack of commitment on my part. I found the first workshop quite overwhelming. However I have really enjoyed and more importantly, understood the content of the workshop. With a guiding hand I feel able to now follow the action plan and am more confident of my ability to see it through to the end. I look forward to the challenges ahead!

Michelle Beardmore

We have thoroughly enjoyed the course. Found it inspirational and full of information, hints and tips. We were really excited at the prospect of attending The Business Training Academy and it certainly did not disappoint. Can't wait to get started. Thank-you Tim.

Michelle Pople

Tim. The training course was very informative, accessible and also full of humour. I now feel equipped to embark on an exciting business venture.

Michelle West

I found the training very detailed and instructive, and also very enlightening. All in all, a really great day.

Mike Carter

The day was very intensive but enjoyable. It covered the whole plan very comprehensively and gave me confidence that we could achieve the goals from the business we want.

Mike Kimbel

Excellent seminar/training course. Felt comfortable throughout. Very professional and knowledgeable with a homely touch. Thank-you. Now to work!! Per ardua ad pecunius??

Mike Molloy

The day was very helpful to me. Tim's laid back approach to the day was so much better than a slick organised well rehearsed speech. Thank-you."

Mo Blogg

I was pleasantly surprised at the details and products on offer. I am convinced that there is genuine help on hand at every step of the process and that Tim will make sure that I am successful with the business. I look forward to proving this in the new year.

Mohammed Kadiwal

It has opened my eyes up to a different way of making money without working too hard (and I'm only a teenager).

Morgan Kidd

I found the workshop to be informative in the subjects discussed. Tim was clear and to the point. He was also quite likeable.

Mr. L. Hood

Very well done, feel that we can go and start the road to our dreams. Thank-you.

Myra Brewer

Presentation was very clear and easy to understand and I look forward to putting the knowledge to good use. I am encouraged by the promised support and feel confident that any problems I encounter will receive appropriate advice. Tim spoke clearly and well and inspired confidence in the potential business opportunity.

N. Booker

Very detailed information provided. Covered promised agenda in full. In short it did exactly what it said on the information!

N. Thomas

Mr Tim Lowe gave a very detailed explanation to business set-up. I am pleased to have attended as I have learnt a lot in marketing strategies and the general DVD trade. Support is excellent with all programmes running for us. It is remarkable to be open to the doors of real world business. I hope this can be successful as it was to Mr Lowe. Thanks for the advice and help.

Nabil Enally

I thought the seminar delivered what was promised and more. I particularly liked the practical nature of the course and action plan. I hope to be following in your footsteps to success soon.

Name Supplied

Tim's presentation was delivered in a very concise and professional manner with all points easy to understand and this helped me to fully appreciate the potential of this system of marketing. I cannot wait to put what I have learned into practice and start to build my business. I look forward to working with Tim over the coming months. Many thanks.

Neal Holmes

Tim I thought it was a good presentation. I have been to sales seminars and have found them very boring. Not like today.

Neil and Paul Lynes

Excellent Tim a superb day. More information than I could imagine and all put across in an easy to take in concise manner.

Neil Artingstall

The presentation was very thorough and all encompassing. I feel totally confidant re all aspects except those which involve websites etc. (but that is something I intend to remedy a.s.a.p.). The balance of humour and serious business was about right and the day seemed to go all too quickly. I think the products we are being given are very worthwhile and the 'mix n' match' idea seems excellent.

Neil Tatum

An excellent informative seminar. I look forward to achieving the success as outlined and enjoying some of the 'perks'.

Niall Horan

I think the day was excellent. Tim presented me with more than enough information to take away and really make a success of the business. I would like to thank everyone involved for giving me the opportunity to be here today.

Nick Farina

I think the training was very informative; the quality of presentation materials was excellent. The content of the presentation was definitely sufficient for me to follow to create my own business. The level of supportive software was more than expected.

Nicola Dexter

Tim has imparted a wealth of information that I feel will give me a good head start to my Direct Marketing business.

Nicola Pok

The course is very helpful, particularly with the follow-up support and mentoring. I was a bit confused by the session after lunch with the copywriting presentation after the morning which focused on the Internet, but I would need to think about this further. The action plan is very helpful. The whole field was very well covered but the product profile is more of a problem.

Nigel Robertson

Tim. Thank-you very much for a wonderful, inspiring and great training weekend. You were really great... with your teaching and genuine approach and style learning has been fun.

Nina Domazet

Found Tim to be very interesting and the way the course was presented was very good. Full of useful information with actual facts and figures. Thanks. Well done.

Nirmal Sharma

I found the seminar was just right (for me) what Tim did was to explain a concept from start to finish, in a very down to earth (idiot proof fashion) way. By the end of the day I really felt that I had the stepping stones for the new business and more importantly feel I really could probably make a go of what I had learnt. There were lots of things that Tim said that 'fitted' with my own experience of life, so it all made sense.

Nora Magee

Tim, Training was well delivered excellent in helping me to get started. Looking to take action with view to continue Joint Venture and continued education.

Norman Ludford

A very well presented and thought-out course with practical information that can be used over the coming months to start the first steps in the journey!

Norman Smith

This was an excellent programme, worth the money. The venue, the accommodation, meals and course content were fantastic. Couldn't ask for more. Also loved the idea of support and joint ventures. You have really enlightened our mind and have given us the tools and opportunity to prosper in this business.

Ntombikayise Nxumalo

Very comprehensive training day given by Tim in an extremely entertaining way. Covered all topics required to start a business from scratch.

P. Eaton

Very useful and informative. I have tried this type of marketing before but with very limited success including Direct Mail. This day has put it all into context and shown me how to go about it to bring and produce maximum results and profits. The products I have previously been promoting are old ones supplied by another company and it's really nice to be in a position to promote new products not previously seen in the UK. Tim is very efficient and explained everything very professionally.

P. Thompson

Well presented - very good at demystifying areas of puzzlement.

Pamela Dennis

Tim, I thoroughly enjoyed the training I received from you today. You took us through every aspect in a concise but easygoing fashion and I feel armed in such a way to become a successful marketer. I look forward to more training from you in the future.

Pamela Macleod

I thought the day was very interesting and the layout and presentation of the seminar were very good.

Patrick Sammon

The presentation was informal and easy to follow. I felt able to ask questions at any time. The content of the day was thorough and meaningful and can easily see myself applying these methods in the real world. The step by step nature of the delivery made understanding the principles straightforward.

Paul Bailey

Tim, many thanks for the weekend which was in my opinion pitched at the correct level. When I arrived here I had some grey areas. They I'm happy to report have gone. I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank-you for your help to date and in anticipation for your future help.

Paul Corkill

I have wanted to get a start into the Direct Marketing business for the past couple of years. Tim has now brought this opportunity to me and presented a well balanced and objective course. I can now say Tim has given me the motivation to get going. Thank-you, very much appreciated!

Paul Duffy

Very good, lots of information, very good way to make money. Look forward to working with you on the 80-20 business - sounds just right. Can't wait to get going. Many thanks.

Paul Eyre

Over this weekend I felt that I had entered a world that was before simply unknown to me. I now have the basics to create the future that I desire and not the one that up until now I felt enslaved to. Tim demonstrates a high level of benevolence, care and inspiration. Thank-you both very much for this opportunity.

Paul Fletcher

I think the no-nonsense style of training was very good and got all the relevant information over in a clear, precise way.

Paul Jannece

I have found the workshop very informative and help me get a better understanding of how this business works. Tim was alright too! Seriously I feel better now as I made some wrong turns in the last couple of months this course has helped the mist disappear. I am looking forward to working together and making this work. I have to get this right I have only one year to do it. Great day. Thanks to both of you.

Paul Marshall

Today for me was an insight into a business very different from my normal workspace. The most impressive part of today was how you turned the book about vegans, into a totally unique new product just by doing research on Google and adding some freebies in the box. Very clever indeed!

Paul McCrear

Very helpful, to the point. Simple to follow process - rare to obtain! Overall happy with content and delivery. Looking forward to working with you.

Paula Mann

I found the day very interesting and informative. Tim's open and relaxed style made me feel comfortable from the start. The day was pacy but relaxed, never losing momentum and always interesting. I am looking forward to starting our own business and I am very grateful to Tim for his friendliness and expertise. It is good to know that he will be around if we get stuck and need help. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Many thanks Tim.

Pauline Cornish

Plenty of 'Golden Nuggets'. Thanks

Thank you for a great weekend!

Penelope Layburn

Excellent presentation. Clear and precise instructions. Interesting and dynamic presenter (with just the fight amount of humour)! Enjoyed the day very much and look forward to a lucrative and exciting working relationship!

Penenlope Crawford

I found the presentation very straight forward, comprehensive and easy to follow. I enjoyed the light heartedness which prevented a long day becoming hard work. All my questions were answered - fears allayed. So now all that is required is to prove that I can achieve success.

Penny Kimber

Appreciated the generosity in sharing such potentially useful information to create a powerful, profit generating business model.

Peter Alexander

An excellent course that provided all the missing links for starting in this business.

Peter Banks

An excellent presentation for an absolute beginner. The DVD marketing business appears to have enormous untapped possibilities which I definitely intend to explore. I can't believe that so small a percentage of people actually put Tim's lessons into practice - here's one that will.

Peter Craggs

Excellent days training.

Peter Evans

It was a wonderful training. Unexpectedly it actually cleared my doubts. Now I know I can do this business because of : well thought organisation, presentation, sincerity and openness of Tim, much more, after training support available.

Peter Farinde

Having attended more than one marketing course/seminar I feel that you have to get your mind round the 'business' of making money differently from your 'accepted' profession or trade. You have been sufficiently open and honest enough to instil in me that if I have the mind and determination then this new business is possible. Will lead to financial success.

Peter Friend

The course was very good. Highly informative. A lot of learning in the day.

Peter Huntly

Well presented. Informative. Many useful tips for running a successful business.

Peter Knight

I found that Tim explained everything in a concise and simple yet professional way. He covered all the points and backed up these with real life examples were appropriate.

Peter Sloan

The course was extremely useful. I look forward to seeing you at the inner circle in less than two years! Watch this space!

Philip Clark

I thoroughly enjoyed the day very helpful with goal ideas and excellent products. I am going home with a business - what more could I ask for? Thanks for a great day. A manual would be helpful and I always read them. Maybe a copy of the slides via e-mail.

Philip McAthey

An excellent day that gave real practical advice that will enable me to start my Direct Marketing business immediately. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Philip Webb

A good start on the road to a direct marketing business with helpful information and the offer of a helping hand if and when needed.

Phill Andrews

I thought that the delivery of the presentation was good with the right amount of humour. The personal touches helped to keep the momentum going during the day. Obviously getting started and selecting the packages for front and back end is critical so the mentoring will be an important part to ensuring a successful venture. It is always encouraging with any new venture to be taught by someone who has already achieved major success. Well done and good luck!

Phillip Moston

Very comprehensive and detailed seminar delivered with enthusiasm and passion. An excellent opportunity for young and old alike. Look forward to retiring at an early age.

Quentin Haines

Excellent and informative presentation. A sceptic converted. This is something that can be made to work and the whole day exceeded my expectations.

R Clayton

Great course! Clear and concise delivery. Taking my own notes is essential; however a small number of handouts just detailing some of the essential points and websites would have been useful. First time I have remained awake for a course lasting the day.

R. Bhandari

An excellent and entertaining day with real practical information. I feel I can start on my venture straight away.

R. Clarke

An interesting, information packed day for a potentially profitable and exciting home business. Good humour throughout kept the day low key and focused with a friendly and productive atmosphere.

R. H. Blenkinsop

Thanks for a great presentation - it looks like the time has come to give up the day job!

R. Moon

A very detailed and thorough analysis of criteria that needs to be covered to start a new business. Very good and accurate answers provided to questions of all sorts.

Raghuvir Ladva

An excellent meeting. Very comprehensive, all matters presented very clearly. Very down to earth and practical. Really useful information to assist us with building our business. I particularly like the provision of successful products that have proved themselves.

Ralph Plummer

I have really enjoyed today and now feel very confident to go home and really start working on the business. Tim has made it look possible and has removed any doubts that I may have had. It is truly great to learn from a man who has been successful in his business. Thank-you again Tim.

Rawl Hardial

Amazing value for money with all the products available and Tim gave adequate and experienced tuition. A lot to absorb but it has been proven to be the best deal in town. Here's to success!

Ray Prosser

Excellent training that all came together on the Sunday. The ongoing training will help over the next twelve months and the Platinum Licences are a bonus. We look forward to working with you over the months and becoming financially free.

Ray Pugh

A very informative course that provided a step by step guide on how to set a business up from scratch. Tim was knowledgeable and patient with the many queries raised, whilst remaining very honest and open about the potential pit falls.

Rebecca Regan

I must admit I was very, very sceptical before the workshop and if it wasn't for my partner hassling me I wouldn't have attended. I am however very pleased that I did attend the workshop and think the content and material given was worth the money. The advice is priceless and I feel I can go out and start my own business!!

Rebecca Salter

Thanks very much Tim. Your seminar was just what I needed, specific actions to take, in a sensible order - presented with good humour and useful explanations or what to do and what not to do. I look forward to making myself lots of money and then working with you to make us all lots of money. Thank-you very much.

Richard Clarke

It's been the most dynamic, interesting, realistic and practical seminar my wife and I have ever attended. We are grateful to Tim Lowe for this and his support. We are sure to immediately put all into practice towards achieving our total objectives.

Richard Emelle

Very well presented, comprehensive, informative. All the ammunition required to go forward and be successful. For me, nice to know that I can contact Tim for advice or direction.

Richard Gatton

This seminar was well paced. Tim made the environment very relaxed and definitely gave the feeling of being spoken to as if you had known him for years. The content was the perfect mix of practical notes and examples. Very highly recommended.

Richard Green

I found this very interesting and exciting. I am looking forward to making lots of money. The information was easy to understand.

Richard Hammond

We were pumped full of information at a great rate so I now feel full of facts and have taken eight pages of notes. I need to organise myself to create the quality time to do this and I look forward to working with my wife and with you Tim to make a great success of this business. Very many thanks for today.

Richard Lea

A great seminar. I found it both highly informative and entertaining although rather above my head at times as I am not yet computer savvy.

Richard Savage

An excellent weekend. Tim delivered above all expectations. We look forward to working with you both in the near future.

Richard Walsh

I have enjoyed every moment of this fast track seminar. With your help I know I will be able to earn some serious money. So thank-you and hope to be working with you soon.

Richard Weals

I found the induction training amusing and extremely helpful. The content was awe-inspiring and if we follow the instructions to the letter will be very pleased with the response we achieve. I look forward to reaching my first £1,000,000 and my other goals.

Richard Weare

Very comprehensive full day covering all I need to know to get started.

Rick Cooper

Tim, your teaching ability was good because I felt you explained things as though you were speaking to a layman. There was a good balance of humour. You are obviously an experienced business man and gave generally very sound advice on running a business.

Rizvan Ali

Very informative. Spoken in English!! Totally foolproof system and one that I will be taking advantage of.

Rob Bille

A lot of practical content and information delivered in a down to earth style, no woolly theory and a sensible direct action plan with a clear forward path.

Rob Taylor

The course was very enlightening which I feel has plenty of potential. It was very well presented and was easy to understand. For once a business opportunity that has an excellent product for you to market.

Robert Avis

A great deal of valuable information given. A very useful training day.

Robert Brealey

I found the day that I spent with Tim Lowe very inspiring. He described the course in an easy to understand way, in layman's terms. I am sure that we will have a successful marketing business in the near future and look forward to working with Tim. Thanks.

Robert Chenery

Very practical. All risks explained. No hiding place for the work required but good, helpful advice and all the questions were answered. Possibly more note pre-printed would help but not essential.

Robert Dennis

Very interesting and informative session. I very much liked the way everything was concise and to the point avoiding unnecessary detail. I look forward to working with Tim in the very near future and hope I don't make too many 'mistakes' in setting everything up!

Robert Dufty

Efficient and informative. We intend to follow through and set up a business.

Robert Seall

Very full content, put across in an open and honest style. No question unanswered. All in all a refreshing change to several other seminar-type events I have attended. Here's to the life changes I need in my life. Thanks Tim/Henry.

Robert Smith

Basics taught in simple language. Now up to me to do it. This has also helped me in other businesses. Excellent to see a 'normal'guy who has made it - not a conman.

Robert Sugden

The hospitality, and course content were so full of information. I am now a millionaire in the making. Thank-you so much. Tim is a very proficient speaker who knows their subject and conveys the concepts very well.

Rod Plassing

I have found the whole day enlightening, entertaining and interesting. Having tried many ventures before and failed, I believe that on this occasion I can take it forward. Time will tell! It's opened up a new world to me and I feel that I can do something with this. Thanks for the opportunity.

Rodney Dawe

A truly good seminar/workshop presented in logical order, with a good work to plan, a crisp presentation with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Roger Alford

The seminar was lucid and methodical. Tim took us through all the stages in depth until he was satisfied we understood. There were copious amounts of products - even more than promised. Very good value.

Roger Hamlet

I cannot imagine a business opportunity to offer so much information and support. I promise to endeavour to do my best to make this business a success with your assistance.

Rosalind Matthew

Lots of clear useful materials to help start up a business.

Rosalind Seall

Very good and it's obvious you have the good life as it's made you grow as your business has grown.

Rosemarie Stevenson

I thoroughly enjoyed Tim's presentation. He has a great personality, taught a large amount of material very well and managed to keep a light-hearted feel to the day. I feel very well equipped to go away, and I know exactly how to 'just do it' step-by-step. I am looking forward to great financial success. (The hospitality was excellent too).

Rosemary Jane

This is the first seminar I have been to. I have found it most interesting. I hope that from this I can hopefully get the help I will need to go forward and make a good business from today. Tim was very interesting on things I can also take back to my own business as well.

Roy Woolley

Tim's ideas and strategies for setting up new businesses seem very promising with proof of excellent yearly turnovers. His strategies are also a very good alternative to taking on heavy competition.

Rudi Niemand

First time ever at a workshop. Tim you were great. Clear, positive, logical and rational. Hope I can make it work.

Russell Carpenter

I found the seminar very useful and informative. Tim clearly covered all the aspects of getting started in the business. I'm confident that I am going away with a clear understanding and the tools and resources needed to become successful in this venture.

S Coton

Informative and well presented day which I hope will spur me on to great things!!

S. Bayer

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and I was quite sceptical prior to coming. However it is really very simple and I know it is not going to be get rich quick scheme. It will require a good number of hours of hard work for actually learning the basics before putting it into action. I am really looking forward to making it work. I am a believer in walking into the right direction.

S. Hossenally

I came to the workshop today feeling a little apprehensive at spending quite a large sum of money on this training. At the end of the day I am confident that I can take this material and do something positive with it. The course was very enlightening.

S. Leask

Although the prospects and tasks involved in getting into this business are somewhat daunting I feel confident that with the material provided and the support service offered the prospects of success are tremendous.

S. Masters

Most enlightening day, very well presented. No false claims as to instant riches but realistically portrayed as a genuine business opportunity providing the processes and advice are followed - as with any new business venture. The nine and a half hours of learning was always enjoyable - not once did I look at my watch through boredom or lack of interest.

S. Peerless

Very informative and straight to the point.

S. Platts

Informative, interesting, well presented, enjoyed the day and the buffet was lovely.


This is the first practical step-by-step guide I have received in setting up a profitable, workable business. Totally inspiring and empowering. Very thorough.

Saline Moore

The energy and power of Tim's presentation were very empowering. The lucidity of his teaching held his audience focused and enthralled over the entire weekend. There was a generosity of spirit and vision and passion for his work which was very infectious. We were really looked after. His communications inter and intrapersonal skills guided his students to a level where so much seemed possible. The products and licences are stunning. Brilliant to be given the tools - laptop, following tuition and support. Real depth here. Thank-you so much. Awe inspiring.

Sally and Andrew Westerman

Tim, I found your DVD/Video Presentation Seminar more than I had hoped for. It was full of very valuable information,, very interesting and I can't wait to get started. I look forward to a mutually profitable joint venture business with you.

Sally Thornton

Thank-you Tim. This was an interesting learning curve today. I felt that you not only showed your business and knowledge today but also gave ideas for people that decide not to go forward in this business still have enough to take away to use in any sphere or business of their choosing. Thank-you.

Sandra Devulder

I have been to workshops that cover one or a few aspects of setting up a marketing business, but this is the first workshop I've been to that puts it all together in a simple straight forward way. Tim makes it all sound 'do-able'. I like the way you can roll it out gradually and how testing was emphasized. No hype, just a straight forward approach to building a successful direct marketing business. Although the risks were demonstrated, maybe emphasizing ways to minimize the risks would help. However the coaching and mentoring is a very valuable addition. Thanks for a very interesting day. Just the right level for me!

Sara Mallett

Many useful things said, however I think I need a couple of days for all the information to settle so it can be made sense of a lot of information in a short time. I look forward to working with you in the future and becoming the youngest millionaire you've ever taught. Thanks.

Sarah Evans-Platt

I found your presentation style approachable and stimulating and the content clear and simple. I feel alternating fear and excitement at the challenge you have presented me and I look forward to keeping in touch with you to help me through the first few months. Your ability to make personal contact was heart warming.

Sarah McCloughry

The weekend has been insightful and I feel that I have learned enough to go forward and start my own business with support from Tim. I enjoyed the weekend very much.

Sarah Watson

The seminar was well presented in a clear and logical manner although a lot of information to absorb and some thought required in a in a quiet environment and therefore I may need to ask questions on the Helpline in the very near future while motivated.

Scott Simkins

Very enlightening, refreshed a lot of stuff I know already but also learned so much more! Range of products is fantastic and the whole weekend was very professionally dealt with.

Sean Butler

Quite informative and good ground work. Conveyed some in-depth knowledge acquired. Very good meeting.

Shane Palmer

It has been an enjoyable day, very informative and friendly. We are looking forward to this new venture and just can't wait to get started. Thanks for your advice and help and for giving us this opportunity.


Thank you for the valuable information you have shared with us today. We have learned so much and your tips will be very useful. We have thoroughly enjoyed your style of coaching - your humour, your insights and your great personality.

Shaun Gibson

Thank-you Tim for an excellent day. I truly believe we have a blueprint for success and look forward to reaping the benefits of the system. Brilliant session!

Shush Arya

I am looking forward to putting the things I have been shown into action. I thought I knew a lot about how this business works, but in fact I did not. I have now been given the tools that have filled in the blanks. Tim put everything across very well. I recommend this course - get on it when you get the chance!

Simon Giddens

I thoroughly enjoyed the business training academy. I thought Tim Lowe was a great trainer and mentor with humour as large as his belly. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Simon Hoyle

Very full day with lots to take in. A relaxed approach, but this and the humour did not replace a very thorough delivery and grounding in how to get started in this business. The challenge is now on for me to take action.

Simon Wade

I have really enjoyed the day of the workshop! I have known Markiteer Limited for quite a few years. One of my family members has used products from Markiteer Limited as a very satisfying business. For myself it was first a great day and look forward to a quick start.

Sir Erich Bohn

Found it very interesting and learned a great deal not only about the business itself but also how to set up and run a business from scratch.

Stan Williams

Found the seminar informative and the content and methods of great value. Tim's no-nonsense delivery style was refreshing and questions and issues were fully answered.

Stanley Ashton

I found the whole day immensely informative and am sure what I learned today will enable me to develop a successful business marketing high quality information products. Many thanks to Tim for making this possible.

Stephan Robson

A great course and I look forward to achieving my first million guaranteed.

Stephen Dorans

I enjoyed the workshop and found the advice and instruction useful. Unlike other seminars, I feel that I can actually use the information and build a business in a logical step-by-step way. The business world doesn't look as daunting.

Stephen Parker

Excellent training day with a full and thorough explanation of a profitable business. It was great to hear all the explanations and steps to take done in an easy to understand way. Although there is obviously a lot of hard work to be done, having attended the workshop I am a lot more confident of being able to make a success of this business and am looking forward to the challenge ahead.

Stephen Perry

The workshop content was excellent. Tim explained the topics in an easy to understand way and has given us the tracks to build a successful business selling information products.

Steve Cox

I thought the seminar was excellent, presented in a relaxed and cheerful format that put us at ease. The content was detailed but explained well and I'm looking forward to starting this new business immediately. Tim and Henry make a good double act.

Steve Green

Very good day packed with information. Well worth the journey down. Now the hard work begins!! A high quality and enjoyable day. Clear ideas and well presented. A wealth of really useful knowledge with practical application. I look forward to getting started!

Steve Mallet

Wow! I really enjoyed this two day course. Business wise, lots of tips. We also had a glimpse of what we are aiming for making multiple streams of income.

Steve Ngughia

Great seminar. Everything covered in detail and explained in a way that anyone could follow.

Steve Smith

The training course was very well presented and quite an eye-opener!! Got a lot to do. Thank-you for the excellent training and a lovely lunch. Looking forward to the future.

Steven Kuypers

This is the first time I have ever attended any kind of training seminar. Thank-you. I feel I have the knowledge and understanding to reach my ultimate goal.

Stuart Bush

Yes I do feel Tim has given a very informative business making course with lots of helpful information that surrounds business generally.

Stuart Lennor

Very informative and interesting. An eye opener for generating money for years to come. Enjoyed two days - very informative.

Stuart Matthews

Great seminar. Full of very useful information. An idiot's guide to making money. Well presented and easy to follow. A good lunch. I wouldn't recommend it as I want as little competition as possible!!

Stuart Pike

I believe this system will allow me to live my dreams ... I will succeed.

Stuart Schofield

Very enlightening and thought provoking. A fantastic opportunity.

Stuart Tilley

I found the day informative and constructive. However there is a lot to take in so some thought and care will be essential to put everything in place efficiently. I very much look forward to a successful and profitable enterprise.

Sue Ross-Hurst

Amazingly relaxed style of training which nonetheless delivered exactly what you promised in the sales letter. We are now ready to get started with a very practical action plan and some really exciting products on their way to us. Thank-you very much indeed.

Sue Symonds

What Tim has shown is a really simple business that breaks the traditional mould of a conventional business model and in return makes a great deal of money and offers. A fantastic lifestyle to match. I've already decided that I want a slice of the action and eagerly await joining Tim on forthcoming joint ventures.

Sukhdev Kainth

I felt the presentation was very informative and professionally presented. I am excited about the opportunity and look forward to dealing with Markiteer Limited in the future. P.S. I also enjoyed being part of the Warthog presentation.

Susan Thornton

So far the presentation has make a lot of sense. There is a lot of work to do in getting this business up and running. It is the support at the early stages from Tim Lowe as mentor which will grow the business in a fast track nature. We are looking to grow this business as fast as possible.

T Malik

A very excellent course with a good presentation and highly recommended.

T Wyatt

Very comprehensive and clear. Great to know that help is available all the way through.

T. Bilboe

A good seminar, well presented - can't wait to get started!

T. Hall

Great business concept. Look forward to getting stuck in! If I am half as successful as you I shall deem the project a fantastic opportunity but the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

T. M. Johnstone

A full and interesting day. Excellent venue and presentation. When time flies by and you feel you can continue indefinitely, you know that it has been a first rate seminar. Many thanks to Tim and Henry. Looking forward to continuing our business relationship.

T. Rainey

Congratulations, a thoroughly enjoyable presentation that makes sense. Well done.

Tam Oliver

Very informative with a clear and understanding approach to the way Direct Marketing works. Very good!

Terry Carter

Leaving the workshop with my mind racing. Very excited. I know Tim will be seeing a lot more of me in the future. Really looking forward to getting home so I can get started. This is the start of my new life.

Terry Hodgkinson

One great day. Presentation and content A1. Tim Lowe made it very easy. Thanks.

Terry Hudson

A very informative, thorough course that explains in detail how you can be successful in your business by copying what Tim does. You just have to get out there and DO IT!

Thomas Kriel

A comprehensive presentation - it provides the nuts and bolts of how to run the business. I feel like I can go away and set up the business and run it successfully. Presentation focused on practical aspects covering both the potential and the pitfalls, with real examples making the material real as opposed to very theoretical. Tim's presentation is lively and amusing the day was very informative and enjoyable.

Tim Allison

The tools were there to help me build up any internet based sales company which I found was excellent and has saved me many hours of research. I would have liked some more advice on sales in marketing.

Tim Blogg

A very exciting, if overwhelming day. There is just so much to get our heads around but my brain is just buzzing with ideas. I look forward to being mentored by you as I make my way forward in my own unique way. You have way over-delivered in terms of product licences and I know could have expanded on every aspect of the day which time did not permit - however I know I am in for very exciting and rapid learning experience. I hope my common sense ensures that I follow the advice I have been given.

Tim Dodd

Found the day stimulating and very informative. Tim Lowe has an easy presentational style which packs in a great deal of vital information and because of his style it sticks in the mind. His enthusiasm rubs off on the students and his Action List is vital to encourage people to actually go and 'do' something rather than just put the material on the shelf. A very worthwhile and profitable day led by a great marketer.

Tim Kench

I found the whole weekend an enjoyable, informative, helpful experience. I feel now much more confident that I can go forward and put this into practise and it is clear that Tim is completely genuine in his desire to help us all on the road to internet riches. If you want to succeed, surround yourself with successful people - Tim is one of those people.

Tim Kench

Direct, light hearted, inspirational in a down to earth, hands on, realistic way. No adrenaline fuelled hugs and 'whoopee wees' just quality business advice

Tim Turner

The information given has obviously been well thought and laid out. I have totally understood every aspect of the workshop, even as a layman. Thank-you.

Tina Goyns

Tim. First I must say that we have enjoyed your presentation and I hope that our relationship with you will grow from strength to strength. We are not strong in the area of using the internet, but I hope with your patience we will get it right.

Tom Price

As I was standing in on behalf of my brother, I was slightly unsure of what the day would entail but I have found the presentation both interesting and informative. I wIll with Chris, start our business with your help pursue this venture to build a thriving business. Being a complete novice in this area, I shall no doubt be e-mailing you on a regular basis. Thank-you Tim.

Toni Joyce

I found the day to be extremely beneficial. Tim provided a very full and interesting insight into how to be successful in this business. Far better than I hoped for.

Tony Balfe

I came this morning with lots of doubts and reservations. I wondered whether I'd be asking for a refund at lunch but this evening I feel ready to go with my own business. I am looking forward to receiving the products Tim has promised to send.

Tony Mitchell

Very informative - well structured and easy to follow. Would thoroughly recommend others to attend future presentations.

Tony Storton

The workshop was very informative. I'm very glad I came. It has given me great confidence to go on and be successful. I found Tim very easy to approach and ask questions to. It was a very nice surprise to find out we were going to receive more free bonus products.

Tracy Bruce

I felt the course was extremely informative set at the right pace. I feel fully equipped to start my business in the full knowledge that Tim will be there to guide me. Money well spent. Thank-you.

Trevor Campbell

Very comprehensive training course that will enable me to have the business up and running. Everything has been provided to enable us to create a successful business. A recommended training programme.

Trevor Fisher

A comprehensive business plan and an excellent selection of products for starting a direct marketing business. Tim has provided us with a step-by-step guide to following previously proven routes of success.

Trevor Fisher

I found it very interesting. Certain aspects are daunting but I am sure with your knowledge and reassurance I am looking forward to the prospect of building my own home business.

Trevor McLaren

Tim thanks for your brilliant presentation. I very much enjoyed every moment of it. To go from the concept of the business to the action plan in just one day and with such clarity was phenomenal.

Uche Mgbebuihe

Excellent constructive day. You have provided the materials and guidance. We have to utilise this to reach the heights and goals that we set. The system and method gives us the ideal opportunity to obtain a good degree of financial freedom.

V. Williams

Thank-you for an inspiring day. I have appreciated you direct, open and honest approach as well as your enthusiasm and encouragement. I look forward to more support from you in the future.

Val Dann

The workshop was very comprehensive and easy to follow. Tim made the whole business very interesting and exciting and answered any questions very fully.

Valerie Harrison

Very informative, well put over and encouraging. From my point of view a path to take, work at and see the benefits in time. I want to succeed. I hope we work with you in the near future. You make it sound as if we can do it. I hope I can and will give it my best shot for you and us. Many thanks for your time and effort today. We will try to do you proud.

Valerie Townsend

Information was most informative, well put together and presented. I will most certainly work with the inspiration and drive this seminar has given. Well done Tim!

Venile Smith

Tim. I found today very helpful! You covered all the areas very well and I am excited about getting started. Thanks for all the background stuff you have sorted out (all the JV stuff). I hope to be working closely with you in the future.

Vic Hinchcliffe

Hi Tim, just wanted to say thank you so much for the training day, we've got lots out of it! We look forward to having lots of sales and seeing you at the next meeting....

Vici and Quentin

I thought it was a thoroughly professional presentation, presented with a certain amount of humour, which helped create a friendly atmosphere.

Vincent Ray

I found the day very productive and it more than met my expectations. I have been wanting/searching for a good mail order business. Looks like I have found one. I like the system, it's straight forward. It works for you, there is no reason for it not to work for me. I sincerely hope this is a start of a long and lasting business relationship. I look forward to the Caribbean get together on Richard Branson's desert island!

W. Jokhia

We found it informative, it has inspired us and confirmed to us that we do have some skills that we can bring to the party, but also feel the coaching and mentoring of a 'real life' millionaire will support and take us quickly to our aims. The style of the workshop worked.. Tim's style was blunt (but then we have been described as direct), but always helpful, thoughtful and thorough. We are looking forward to creating a very successful business on our own and with yourselves. Thank-you.

Wayne and Angela Hassall

A brilliant day and I am very impressed with the products. Lots of advice and direction in getting going on own business. It is reassuring to know that I also have Tim to go to for the next year for support. Looking forward to the Caribbean after our first year's success and wealth!

Wendy Howard

The day spent with Tim and Henry was fascinating and very interesting. The profit potential obviously sky high subject to getting the help required and this will vary from person to person but an action list is provided, e-mail and telephone support too.

William Bryden-Smith

Morning session very upbeat. Afternoon sessions - less upbeat - perhaps due to influx of information. Presentation technique - very good - plausible.

William Hopkins

The seminar did fulfil all it said it would. I found it interesting. Although it was a lot to take in, in one day, I felt that having the support back-up of Tim and Co. to call on gave me the confidence to go away and try to start the business. I left with no illusion that it was not going to happen if I did not follow the steps set out by Tim.

Y. Pierre

It is a long day but there is a lot to get through so the day is well spent. Lots of information that is imperative to starting your own business.

A. Cheswick

The workshop was very useful. Had learnt a lot and has guided me in a right direction. With your hands on approach I hope that our new business venture, God willing, is going to be a success. You have made us aware of matters to be dealt with and put us on a right track to success. I would like to thank-you and look forward to working with you soon.

Abdull-Hamid Hussein

Very informative and detailed. Will be the start of something good. Tim had a very long day - very patient.

Adrian Singer

Great, informative and very useful training.

Aidan McGee

I feel very positive about starting my own successful business now.

Aileen Jardine

Very impressed with the level of information given. More importantly it was quite practical in its application. We were presented with an action plan"" of tasks to follow after the course which is of great help."

Alan Bill

It was everything I expected it to be. All my questions were answered fully and I have no doubts about anything.

Alan Hood

An absorbing and engrossing day. It gives a novice like myself the confidence to launch out on a totally new venture knowing that the tools to succeed and sources of advice are all provided for.

Alan Linfield

Presentation good and excellent in fact. Thank-you for an excellent day Tim and I look forward to working and being guided by you.

Alan Reynolds

The morning started slowly and was very general in its content. The afternoon became more detailed and I hope has provided all the information and tools to start the business. I know that the success ultimately depends on me but I hope the support follows which will be really important in a new business. As I leave I am enthusiastic and actually do expect and intend to follow Tim's footsteps.

Alastair Broom

Plenty of good information that should get me on my way. Still not looking forward to the copywriting though.

Alexander Beeston

A very useful day which I feel sure will enable me to get my business off to a confident start.

Alexander Macdonald

It was brilliant, enjoyed it.

Ali Tvana

I felt the presentation was very informative and that I should have all the tools needed to follow and set up a business. Thank-you.

Alison Shaw

Very interesting weekend. To the point presentations. Looking forward to sharing many years of joint ventures. Excellent overall content.

Allen Davies

Very comprehensive and honest training day.

Andrew Digby

Open my eyes to how to sell DVD's on the internet to show how to do the selling/refunds/Ltd. company/ credit cards etc. The presentation was nearing straight forward, Tim answered all the questions. I hope I can repeat what Tim has shown me to make the money.

Andrew Elliott

Very informative. Well presented and sensible and practical advice. I am sure much of the material and advice will prove to be very useful and profitable. I would have preferred a little more time devoted to the action plan so that the business model was absolutely clear in my mind such as where to advertise. The offer of support is much appreciated and I leave with a great deal of confidence.

Andrew Whittle

This has been a quantum leap for me. You've made me realise that from now on I am in business not just speculating. The presentation was excellent and clear. I have butterflies in the stomach but look forward to your guidance and assurance. Many thanks for the opportunity you have given me. Hopefully my confidence will grow once the business plan is up and running.

Andy Raybould

Very good indeed! Informative right down to the nitty gritty. Great at answering questions with nothing held back.

Andy Robinson

I liked your delivery of information that was in a no-nonsense manner. Also the way you stopped anyone in their tracks who was trying to divert off on a tangent. Very informative, I didn't feel the need to ask any further questions, as I think you covered things thoroughly. Henry was also a wonderful, yet informative man. I look forward to working with you in the very near future. Cheers!

Angie Bolland

Excellent presentation. A lot of information to take in on a long day. Many thanks.

Ann Gee

It's been a long day but found presentation very interesting and have hopefully taken majority of this in especially this morning.

Ann McBride

This weekend has been very useful, as well as light hearted and enjoyable. I believe I will fully appreciate this weekend once I've had an opportunity for everything to sink in.

Anne Whiley

Entertaining and informative. Inspiring although daunting. Capital outlay could be a stumbling block. Good structure, well spaced breaks (very necessary due to enormous amount of information).

Annie James

I found the presentation well structured and was easy to follow. The fact that lunch was included was one less thing to worry about. Having an option to have a two week follow up and a twelve month help from Tim. I would have preferred a workbook as I am not great at taking notes and then understanding them later.

Anthony de Vries

Thanks for a great day, a lot to take in but well put over by Tim Lowe. Very sure this will work for me.

Anthony Huitson

Inspiring and thoughtfully planned. Although the day was long I was kept alert all through.

Anthony Shiels

I found the presentation very informative and clear for every subject that was covered. There was a lot of material that was covered given the time constraints, the slides were extremely helpful and condensed a lot of information that otherwise would have taken several days to go through.

Antonio Turi

Before I attended the seminar I had studied some DVD's and manuals. Having been to the seminar I was totally blown away about the concept and the enormous financial rewards that can be gained, but most of all the lifestyle that you can have. No long hours in the corporate world. This seminar has brought so much more than just listening to or watching CD's/DVD's and reading manuals. It was an extremely educational day. I know what I will be doing. Thank-you Tim for giving this opportunity and the change of the lifestyle I always wanted.

Arjen Bootsma

As guest to Toni the periodic breaks helped taking in the content and having the presentation on the web site ideal. Thanks for your ongoing support.

Arthur Walsh

Very friendly, very informative, extremely practical - just the weekend I wanted to set me up and start my Direct Marketing Business.

Arun Patel

I really enjoyed the training and I am looking forward to starting my own business as soon as possible!

Augustine Gray

The weekend was very enjoyable. Thanks for the opportunity. Look forward to hearing from you.

Austen Belcham

It has been very energising to do this day's training but I am not sure how much has stuck until I go home and preview notes and play the DVD's. However I'm very enthusiastic and optimistic about my future working in this business with your assistance. Ta everso!

B. Taylorson

Very good day. A lot to take in but I am sure when I read my notes it well all fall into place. Thanks Tim.

Barbara Bloor

Tim Lowe was great.

Basharat Khan

I thought you were very humorous, not what I had expected. Your style was very down to earth, easy to grasp, grammar not too complicated. Thank-you very much.

Benjamin Obiamiwe

I found today's meeting with Tim very positive and supportive towards business introduction. I feel like I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. I have enjoyed this meeting very much.

Bernadette George.

Clearly presented, thorough, increased understanding of how to put together front - mid - back-end packages and the relevant pricing structure.

Bernard Griffin

The seminar was brilliant. I would recommend this to my best friend.

Berwyn Evans

The training session at Heathrow in July 2007, I found to be really comprehensive and detailed in all respects. For benefits arising from this event I consider the fee charged represents extremely good value for money considering the licensing products and back-up included.

Bill Nunn

A very informative day and after years of looking at multi level horse racing schemes, chain letters, big international delfin system, bed sales and others. At last something that I firmly believe will work. I'm very grateful for this opportunity.

Billy Walsh

We found the day motivational and insightful.

Bob Greenway

I found Tim gave an excellent presentation at his workshop. Everything was very well explained and I have gone away with considerably more knowledge. Many thanks.

Brenda Noakes

I have enjoyed your training very much. I do think your training is fantastic and a real opportunity to make a good lifestyle. Your training skills are the best and given with good humour. I am looking forward to a great future with your organisation. Thank-you for your hospitality.

Brian Lister

Enjoyed the day, seemed to cover most points, Tim and Henry very approachable, able to ask any questions which were answered.

Brian Speet

Thank-you very much for the training. It was relevant and fun. We look forward to future contact with you.

Brian Wynter

I am glad I attended this training programme. It has set me on the right way to start and clarified a lot of issues on my mind. Now I can set off to achieve my dreams of a successful business. Thank-you Tim. I look forward to contacting you soon with my success story.

Bridget Orji

The presentation was thorough and well paced, informative and pretty realistic. This is not magic and I have realised that it will be quite a task to make this work. The information was presented with a degree of humour which kept the presentation moving along and interesting.

Bridget Parker

The whole day was covered professionally - all areas covered with a satisfied customer at the end of the day. P.S. I will be one who will make this opportunity work this will have future contact.

Burt Reynolds

The presentation was good. Very good ideas. However it is all dependent on each individual's ability to turn into a successful business. I have thoroughly enjoyed the seminar.

C. Ananthamohan

Really enjoyed the day. Well structured and each point was given just the right amount at of time. Was surprised there was no interaction between people (as in introducing each other's goals etc.) but realise that this was not Tim's style. Could have been of use to perhaps abate the 'red lighters' as I call them, however! Good mix of humour throughout the day (poor Henry) which helped make technical issues actually seem very simple. Hurray! Have always had manuals/handouts on previous courses. Still undecided whether this would have helped at home or whether I wouldn't take so many notes on the day. Can't wait to start and get the pounds rolling in!

C. Bonham

I found it a bit over whelming and confusing with business jargon i.e. percentages, and the like but as the day wore on things started to fall into place (sink into my brain). Overall I found it enlightening and interesting and hopefully I can put this into practice.

Cameron Gomez

Very interesting communication throughout. Was explained in a way people could understand rather than baffling you. Having a start on a product to sell and a customer base is very helpful.

Carl Putnam

Thank you for responding so quickly to our e-mail queries - that 'bought' us here. A thought provoking seminar overall. Morning could have been faster paced. The really useful stuff came during the afternoon. Proof of the pudding will be in the eating. You sustained my interest throughout the day - well done for your stamina.

Carol Young

Good presenting skills, dynamic, interesting and very informative. Inspires enthusiasm and motivation and the tools to proceed. Clearly states that the next steps are for the individuals but the continuing support and mentorship is available in a timely manner to assist. Providing we are prepared to put in the work the day will have been money well spent. Many thanks.

Carole Lea

An inspiring and truly motivating experience. Many questions were answered and apprehensions resolved. We now have a far clearer idea of how to proceed.

Catherine Favali

I really enjoyed the business training day with Tim Lowe. He really brought things to life and explained everything in proper detail. I didn't feel 'lost' or sleepy like in most seminars! There were 'light' moments that kept me awake! Anyway I would definitely start up the business and look forward to owning my own source of a seven number account. Brilliant ideas Tim and thank-you.

Catherine Wangari

I thought the training was extremely informative. I particularly enjoyed the part which ad action plans. I liked the detailed information and feel that it was very useful in getting me started. The equipment (laptop) is very useful. The class was fun. Questions and answers were appropriate. I would recommend this to anyone. Best of all I was taught by someone experienced.

Cecil Nwachuku

Tim, thank-you both very much for a very enjoyable day.

Cheryl Cummins

I had a very informed day and enjoyed Tim's presentation immensely. I now hope to take this information away and be a success a.s.a.p!!

Chris Mear

There is a lot of very useful information imparted today that will take some time to sink in I expect! However if all the steps are followed then I can see no reason that I won't be successful. So hopefully this can be the start of a new and prosperous business relationship! It's not a traditional 'no work required, get rich quick scheme' as it does require work and effort, but as ever you get out what you put in!

Chris Roy

Very good - gave salient information. Morning session before first break could be cut shorter. It was in the afternoon that understanding and confidence grew in the product.

Chris Snelson

Actually Tim - Yes! It was extremely well presented and full of really useful content which I really believe now will mean progress after a few setbacks. I am looking forward to it all. I have to admit that the slow start was frustrating as I had to know enough by lunchtime to make what I know could be a life-changing decision and the first ninety minutes (especially as I've heard all that normally, helpful advice many times!) was hard! Anyway an excellent presentation without doubt and I feel I'm in good hands.

Christine Leonard

Great two days, very intensive and very informative.

Christine Wesson

My background is I suspect very different from most of those present. I am a classical musician. But something that I am experienced at is public presentation. I am a conductor and choir trainer. Last night I was stood in front of 110 people persuading them to perform the way I wanted them to!! I was very impressed with your presentation today and think you made everyone very relaxed while at the same time getting your message across.

Christopher Fletcher

Absolutely brilliant.

Christopher Williams

I found the presentation useful and informative and hope that I can take away many of the tips given. Thanks.

Claire Peoples

I was extremely impressed with the content and with the expertise that I was shown. Many thanks. Excellent.

Colin Atkinson


Colin Harpley

A very clear and methodical presentation, well illustrated. I did not find the presentation absolutely clear in parts, but that is probably due to my inexperience and lack of business knowledge. When it's time for lunch, don't write questions!

Colin Taylor

Informative day and well answered questions. Action Plan very succinct. Commitment to after sales service hopefully comprehensive enough to see us all through the early stages and beyond. A good starting point to running this business. Thanks.

Colin Underhill

Covered all aspects of the DVD business along with setting up and running, what to do and what to avoid.

Colin Woolgar

A very informative seminar! I look forward to working with you in the future Tim. Many thanks for a great day!

Conor Hagan

Thankfully no hard selling, just plain facts delivered in an open and honest manner. All questions, however frivolous, were answered although sometimes defensively. This need not be so since all questions are a sign of sincere interest. Overall a good job was done and I look forward to a rewarding experience whilst working with you.

D. Leonard

Great course guys, keep up the good work!

Danny Thompson

The course covered the main areas of marketing and I did learn a lot about why various methods to gain new customers.

Darren James

Very good presentation, you came across as knowledgeable and honest. Some of the sections could have been shorter in duration although the ones that I thought longwinded involve subjects I know quite a bit about - IT, Internet etc. so I suppose you have to cater for all levels of ability. Overall I enjoyed the day and learnt a lot. Thanks.

Dave McGraw

I have found the day was professional and information with a good presentation of the Direct Marketing Business. It has been demonstrated how the funnel system and copy write works. It is apparent that there is a bright future if you apply the rules and follow the system. I look forward to getting up and running as soon as I can and look forward to working together.

Dave Shepherd

An excellent presentation, delivered in a relaxed, friendly manner but full of essential relevant material. A very motivational day which will give us all the tools to set up a profitable business. We would recommend this presentation to anyone who is serious about making a positive change to their lives.

David and Katie Thomas

Clear and interesting presentation (didn't yawn once). Some details went over my head but I retained a large amount and understood that I would be able to easily clear up any unknowns through Tim's Mentoring process. I leave with a high level of excitement and hope that I am able to convert this in a reasonable time into a successful business.

David Asher

I found the weekend to be very interesting and it has given me many thoughts on how to take my business forward to give me a really worthwhile lifestyle. The sessions were very good.

David Bailey

First class course.

David Barnes

Very good. Great weekend

David Gange

Again very informative, having followed on from my previous seminar. This is something I will proceed with as I'm now much better sorted to proceed.

David Garner

Tim, I have had a fantastic day, many thanks.

David Gile

Concise and thorough explanations of well thought-out concepts. Obvious solutions readily available if needed. Creative ideas.

David Kneen

It has been an excellent and informative day. I have found a lot to take in being a new concept to me.

David Murray

Well presented, clearly put over. Each point thoroughly explained. When presented with the Action Plan the closing points at the end suddenly appeared more scary than at the outset but I cannot afford to fail so action must follow. I well look forward to working with you in the coming months and receiving your guidance.

David Nuttall

I have had a day of practical tuition that I have been waiting a long time for but was too scared to pay for. Now I am glad I took the plunge. I would like to see a follow up course in a year or so to help fine tune the business. Thanks for an exciting day.

David Simpson

Very inspiring day that will allow me to go ahead with a Direct Marketing business to the success it should really be.

David Songhurst

Very informative and helpful in all aspects of marketing products.

David Thomas

A very useful and informative day.

David Toft

Surprisingly open forum of information. Good presentation. Any joint ventures in The Best of British""."

David Watkins

What a lot of information packed in a short day. It certainly helps give confidence hearing facts from someone who's done it all themselves. Tim was hugely impressive, if a bit harsh on some of the punters!

Deanne Brown

Very interesting day. I have picked up some good ideas to take away with me and looking forward to putting them into practice.

Deon Bryan

I thought that the presentation was good. The ideas presented were informative and certainly food for thought. I especially thought that the demonstration of bundling products was excellent. Many thanks.

Derek Clutton

Relaxed delivery with excellent content. Learned and enjoyed.

Des James

A very inspiring, practical and informative day.

Diana Basterfield

The seminar was very interesting and conducted at a good-humoured and business like pace. It also clarified important points about the real world of business and sensible attitudes to establishing value and conducting one's activities correctly. The sessions on copywriting and selling products at various levels and prices were very pleasant and productive. The day packed in a huge amount of information and taught us both several new and very valuable skills. We both look forward to an enjoyable career as purveyors of products and licenses.

Diane and Jim Gracey

Intense and informative training day. A positive start to our new business. A positive experience.

Diane Owen

Thank you Tim for all that you have taught me now I'm looking forward to becoming as RICH"" as you."

Divinder Singh

Although the course was very intense I found that Tim and Henry were clear and concise in their approach they were very approachable and did not try to blind us with science. I did however find that it was apparent that some attendees had been on similar courses before and came across as annoying by their 'know it all' comments and supposed marketing jargon. Overall a worthwhile experience which will hopefully enable me and my brother to make loads of money.

Donald Barr

I have found it well presented, would like to have a printed manual of the presentation.

E Yaron

Very good presentation, now need to go away and digest information and then make arrangements to get started. My husband and I are looking forward to starting on a new adventure together. Can't wait to receive our package. Well done Tim.

E. Bardo

It was very interesting. Had my doubts before I got here whether or not it would work but I can honestly say that I am glad I came today because I believe that I have achieved a very important skill I need for my own successful business.

E. Doon

Although not computer literate and all things to do with selling, DVD's etc., I have had an enlightening day. All together presentation was first class, the venue and meals first class as well. It must take a lot of effort to put on a display like this and I have learnt a great deal. My son and I hope to make it all come real and not turn out to be a disappointment and I am sure I can rely on your help when the going gets tough. Thank-you very much for a fine and I hope rewarding day.

E. Elliott

.Your presentation has been superb. I enjoy every inch of it. Knowing that you are genuine and even promise to continue to help us further, I think, you have given us a future. Please keep it up and you shall surely do a lot of people a lot of good.

E. Esho

I am short of words to express my feeling but motivated to work towards my goals to get freedom out of my efforts.

E. Harcinovic

I feel like my head is full! Hopefully when I sit down and start to work through it, things will become clear. Very credible and answered all the questions I had before coming.

E. Triplett

I had a wonderful day. After all the trainings I've been to, this one made all the things come together. I now feel that I'm ready to get started.

Elizabeth Benson

A lot to take in. Need to digest information and hopefully put all this to good use. Only time will tell!

Emma Dablar

The day was entertaining. Lot to take in. I hope I understood everything. I know I'll have more questions later on and I hope you have patience to deal with all of them. Feeling nervous about all this.

Esko Riekki

I learnt more than I imagined I would and you opened the door to all sorts of creative possibilities.

Fiona Ferguson

Very informative. I see this as a great prospect for the future. Home business is going to be the future in the U.K.

Fran Woolgar

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and feel that I have grasped the principles of the business in order to get started. It is the right time for us to start and we look forward to working with you Tim. Your presentation was very clear and understandable and we shall be in contact soon. Thank-you.

Frances and Steve Wilcox

Firstly the course I found very informative. Also it had all the information for me to take with me to start my own business knowing that I have plenty of help and advice to guide me.

Frances Morris

Very good day and instruction, looking forward to setting up business.

Frank Temple-Brown

I found the seminar to be most interesting and did appreciate that a great deal of money could be made. Unfortunately I do not have much experience of what the seminar was about so I will have to work really hard to get to grips with everything. A manual would be appreciated.

Fraser Howie

I found it very informative but of course being an absolute beginner in this business I find it a bit of a job to get into my head most of the information but I'm sure I will learn because I'm keen to learn with your help of course so I look forward to working with you in the future.

Fred Swan

Very thorough and a pleasure to have been here to see and hear the presentation.

G Sadowsky

The day started early and was very informative from the start until the end. Tim delivered the various aspects of his business in a very friendly but reassuring way! The whole presentation had obviously had a great deal of work and thought put into it and it was also reassuring to know that for twelve months you can call upon Tim and Henry for their help.

G. Watson

Very interesting day. Can't wait to get started.

Gary McFerran

Good introduction, good interaction. Quite clear that success depends on participants following advice and taking action. A set of objectives put out at the start would help the final evaluation of the day.

Gassa Patten

I enjoyed the day and am pleased with the ordered way you presented the material. I must admit to a certain apprehension in tackling such a task and starting with no capital is a challenge I shall enjoy!

Geoff Bone

I appreciate the generosity of spirit in which the workshop was conducted. The effort to answer all the needs, the humour and the depth of the information. Thank you for all of this.

Gerald Lamb

This has been an informative eye opener. I hope I will live up to your standards and am committed to making this work. Thank-you very much.

Geraldine Harrington

I found the workshop was well presented and contained a lot of useful information which supported the previous material provided. The information in itself is valuable but if I do not actually follow the Action List and make the effort to sell as Tim has shown, then it becomes worthless. At the end of the day it is up to each individual to take the first step. Hopefully attending the course is the first step.

Gordon Barnet

I found the whole day very informative in what I considered was a relaxed atmosphere. The presentation was very good and slides etc. excellent. At times I wished that certain attendees would leave it to Tim and Henry to give the presentation.

Gordon Barr

Good, clear presentation and explanation of all questions.

Graeme Wyles

An enjoyable and informative day. It will take me some while (not too long I hope) to identify my target customers based on the products/licences provided but I can see that the potential is vast. A major benefit (one which persuaded me to join the workshop) is your offer of mentoring. I look forward to working with you over the coming months and getting started in this business.

Graham Bardo

A very well presented course of powerful information.

Graham Jones

Presentation was professional but rushed in parts and therefore it may have been better to do over a weekend next time. Liked the Action Plan format at the end and hoping for support and help from Tim which I am sure will be forthcoming.

Graham Wallner

I found it very interesting and very well explained. Also I found Tim and Henry very helpful but not enough fag breaks (only joking).

Gwyn Sutherland

It can work out!

Haiyan Laiesk

Good teacher, good material. Look forward to making it all work.

Hal Davies

I found it very interesting and rewarding. I have learned a lot and put me in the position to start my home business. Thanks.

Harbias Gangar

Very approachable, willing to answer questions, good speaker, easy to listen to good explanations on all topics.

Harvey Jacks

It is great to see your presentation. It is quite understandable but it is quite different from what I expected before. Unfortunately I am not English and I had missed a few details and I would like you to help me and give me some special lessons one day.

Hideyasu Isobe

I found the training very useful and insightful. It has definitely given me the incentive and motivation to get started in the business a.s.a.p. It has opened up a world of opportunity to me.

Ian Cruise

The course has opened my eyes as to how to get started in this business. The plus factor for me is you are offering ongoing support. This is where I have fallen in the past and I look forward to working with you.

Ian Graham

I see the potential in the business and some parts I grasped easily. There were elements I found a bit daunting, but this is probably because it is new to me. It is a lot to take in, in one sitting. Going over notes I hope will make thins clearer.

Ian Morrice

Today's induction training has proved to be more than I expected and I am confident that both the content and structure of the induction has prepared me for a successful start, which will develop and grow with the following monthly support and mentoring.

Ian Pengelly

The course was very comprehensive and you achieved everything you promised us. You clearly showed how to get this underway. I wish you success in all your future business and look forward to joining you in the near future.

Irene Bouette

Seminar met all expectations.

J Minto

This morning I had my doubts but as the morning went on it all seemed to come together. I feel more confident that I could make this work with a little help! Thank-you for a great day!

J Riley

So much to learn in such a short time. I really hope I don't scare you with follow-up e-mails - other than to tell you how profitable I have been!!

J. Boldero

Very professional presentation, lots of content.

J. Frewen-Lord

Relaxed and easy going style of presentation. I believe the task is do-able. Found the information very clearly delivered, demonstrating a good opportunity to enter the direct mail market.

J. Gromnick

Very well presented seminar with much practical advice but will need to keep in contact for details and will have to have 'Henry help' for the computer work.

J. Heanley

The business was well presented although I do come out of it feeling somewhat overwhelmed I trust that it will fall into place upon going through all the material at home. Questions were well answered.

J. Little

Almost too much to take in but a very comprehensive presentation.

J. Stevens

It was good to at last be given a step-by-step approach rather than the usual numerous DVD's and left to get on with things with no further help.

J. Vaughan-Fowler

I came back for a refresher and with the changes you have made. It's given me the proverbial kick I needed. Thank-you for your help and ideas. P.S. Your patience with some of the questions was admirable!!

Jackie van Meeuwen

I found the presentation very informative and well thought out. However as one would expect it was a lot to take in and as such I would have preferred some form of written manual so that I could have concentrated more on your presentation.

Jacqueline Bent

Great insight into the business and how the business works. A lot to take in but still inspirational. We believe that this works and also we can make it work.

Jagdish Nayee

In depth, helpful and interesting. A little longer than it could have been although informative. Has set a good basis for a potentially high profit venture. As helpful as it could possibly be on a potential basis. I will be interested to see how long it takes to see a return.

James Booker

A comprehensive training day that included a lot of information. Very clear and concise and gave a good understanding of what is entailed. Certain clarification is expected to be sought once up and running.

Jane Farebrother

I learnt a lot and gained valuable knowledge. Can't wait to get started. Thanks for the products which was a big stumbling block for me. I hope that I can make you believe in me and want to work with me in the future.

Jeff Cowtan

Rather a great deal of information imparted - could have done with longer. Interesting - well presented - hope the reading is as informative.

Joan Garforth

Very though presentation. Would be nice to have some follow-up meeting further down the road.

John Beaumont

Many thanks for an excellent weekend. It has been a good refresher of the business for me and I intend to put the matters discussed into action. Indeed I look forward to working on further products in the future. Thanks again.

John Bendall

Many thanks for your most informative day. I have to say that the business model you have laid out has been presented in a very clear format. It has been a somewhat drawn out process but there has been a lot of information to take in which at first seems somewhat daunting but your support has been clear. Again many thanks and look forward to working with you Tim in the future.

John Bendall

Straight talking no nonsense practical advice with real time examples. Best wishes.

John Corkish

We felt slightly nervous and apprehensive regarding this weekend, but your laid-back and friendly approach quickly put us at ease. Thank-you.

John Davies

I enjoyed and valued the disarming honesty of your comments. Now to see if we can make it work. I would have preferred to receive a manual for future reference so look forward to asking you key questions in the future.

John Field

Excellent weekend - many thanks.

John Hawkins

Thanks for a really useful training session. It's given me the confidence to get out there and make it work. I can't wait to get home and start my Vision Book. The session was easy to understand and very motivating. I look forward to handing in my notice at work.

John McMillan

I have found the presentation most interesting and hope I can consolidate the details at my ripe old age of 81 years.

John Smith

Thank-you for the quick route to success in this field of business.

John St.Clair

An extremely informative day, in spite of some of the tiresome questions from certain of my fellow attendees. I look forward to working with you in the future.

John Turner

Clear to hear. Covered programme clearly.

Joseph Lance

I feel inspired and scared at the same time! Having been thinking about doing this business for some years now, I feel ready to go. Today your detailed training has given me the confidence and filled the gap so that I feel able to move forward and begin my new business life. I look forward to your back up and support and am confident that, with your assistance, I shall be able to successfully achieve my financial goals. Thank-you for a very inspiring day!

Julia Milner

Close to effortless listening and understanding despite heat, being tired from travelling etc. Lots of questions hard to put into words - overwhelming reason for doing course was offer of free then supported mentoring. Have reassurance. Hard part still to come but you have made it tempting. Can't think of ways to improve the workshop but will work on it!

Julia Stuart

Very informative and clear. Interesting and helpful.

Julian Smith

I was curious to see the information and format of the seminar which I was very impressed with. There is a lot to absorb and a lot of research to be done. I feel the seminar provided all the tools relevant to becoming a success if you follow the strategy and I know absolutely nothing about marketing at all. So fingers crossed.

Julie Davies

Very pleased with the learning day. Many thanks.

June Wilson

Great teaching - but ask me again in a year! Thank very much for all your effort and patience with my many questions! P.S. I'm all in.

Justin Paines

A very good presentation on the how's of the business. I am happy leaning with the knowledge to be successful. Henry was also good as the 'glamorous' Assistant!!

Justin Regan

Good. Had a lovely time. Nice people. See you all again.

K. Kirkwood

I have thoroughly enjoyed the day. Since receiving information on DVD marketing in January of this year, there has been a lot of anticipation and great interest. Today has confirmed my eagerness to get started as soon as possible.

Kate young

We were delighted with Tim's professional and relaxed manner in outlining the full presentation with practical guidelines and a wealth of tips for success. We look forward to setting the Action Plan in motion to generate successful sales/marketing information for us all. To be leaving behind the traditional ways of business tied to a cash register waiting for the CLOSED sign to go up and moving into the new online business model is exciting. Thank-you very much Tim.

Kathy and David Hearne

Having only originally come as a favour to my mum to take notes for her, I didn't think my concentration would hold up from early morning until late evening! However I found the presentation fascinating from beginning to end. I know my mum is excited about getting started and after today I am more than willing to lend a have. Well done today! And bless little Henry!

Katie Young

The course has been very interesting but I feel that we will need ongoing support because there has been a lot to take in, in one day. The information has been given in the most understandable way and was excellent from the start.

Keith Allan

All aspects of this business have been covered fully and interestingly. I am so impressed I can't wait to get started.

Kelly Price

A well presented, informative and enjoyable seminar.

Kelvin Woodard

An excellent seminar as a beginning of the marketing business course. For the first time due to the clarity and product content I felt I fully understood the content.

Kenneth McLachlan

Excellent day! I look forward to applying your 'how to' with my 'want to'. Many thanks.

Kevin Lilburn.

The course clearly set out the steps to take in order to get started.

Kevin Walker-Curran

I have had a good two days at this workshop training academy. Thanks to Tim Lowe.

Kim Chapman

I thought that the presentation was very interesting and easy to understand.

Kim Walsh

I found the seminar very informative, clear and concise.

Kris Gangar

Tim was good in his presentation very enjoyable and I look forward to working with him and hope we can make a lot of money between us.

Lawrence Doyle

A day with plenty of great content. Can't wait to get started.

Lawrence Nelson

I wish I had known about this a long time ago. Very, very good.

Lenox Allen

A well organised weekend. Comprehensively explained and all questions answered. Everything promised was delivered and the helpline offered invaluable.

Lesley Cornthwaite

After feeling sceptical after the very cheesy sales letter, today has been very down to earth and very informative and we will now go home and rise to the challenge confident we will have the support promised!

Lesley Park

Tim was excellent and explained the information clearly. I now feel confident to go off and start on my own.

Lisa Garner

Fairly confident it was a good presentation and everything covered and all our questions answered. I always have difficulty making sure all important points are heard whilst writing the previous ones down but think I got them all!? Never bored so it must have been worth it!

Lisa Goode

I think you're very 'brave' taking on the public and trying to 'teach' them - not an easy task!! I found that you have unlocked in my mind many other avenues to make a business. You have tapped into my creativity and given me the confidence needed. I have just now to put it into practice.

Lisa Lindo

Impressed that I felt confident to start a business by only having trained in one day. Tim was honest down to earth and set out action plans simply enough for me to understand. Fabulous lunch also. Props more useful i.e. sack of mail etc.

Louise Owens

This workshop was really enjoyable. I didn't expect to go away as informed as I was. There were plenty of opportunities to have your questions answered. I felt optimistic and positive for my future business ventures. Well worth the four hour journey!! (And he's quite witty)!!!

Louise Topping

Thank-you for sharing this venture with us Tim. There is so much information passed on to us but you have made it very easy to understand. The methodology came across how you have experienced the benefits by your own application in your own business. We hope we can copy the Plan and have a successful joint venture with you.

Lucy Edwin

I enjoyed the day and thought you covered all aspects of the business very well. The day did run over time but did cover a lot of things and everybody was very attentive.

M Baillieu

Although there was a great deal of information to digest in one day, Tim did a great job of explaining things as detailed and simply as possible and the fact that there are lots of products to market and Tim's telephone backup does make the initial outlay worthwhile to anyone who really intends on starting out in this business.

M. Barlow

The induction training has been excellent, it has helped me to clarify the methods and process that the system requires. Initially I was a little fearful, however completing this weekend has instilled a great enthusiasm and confidence in me to succeed in the models that I have been shown. Thank-you Tim, a truly insightful and encouraging weekend. I look forward to working with you in the near future. I'm going to be a multimillionaire. Yippee!!!!!!

Mandy Smart

We have learned an amazing amount during the two days - everything we need to succeed.

Marilyn Crowther

I enjoyed the day and feel that you covered a lot of territory in a short (even if longer than expected) day. There was enough humour to keep a serious subject light. As I had less than two hours sleep last night and was on the 6:25 train this morning, I think it is amazing that I haven't felt in the least bit tired!

Marilyn Hickie

Very enjoyable training day. Tim delivers the course objectives in a relaxed and knowledgeable manner. The practical tasks are interesting and thought provoking. I feel very confident that I will go on and develop a new business for myself and my family. Thank-you very much.

Mark Brighouse

I thought the presentation was very good with a lot of interesting information.

Mark Williams

Excellent weekends training with all the products, information and help you need to succeed in this very lucrative business. Highly recommended.

Martin Barlow

Excellent - here's to my first million!!

Martin Barnes

Informative weekend, friendly atmosphere, looking forward to the next twelve months.

Martin Burrell

Excellent day. You kept it simple and easy to follow. I now have a track to run on. Thank-you.

Martin Walters

This was the first time I have attended anything like this and I was unsure as to whether the day would achieve my aims, i.e. how to start up a marketing business. Tim has been very thorough and concise in his approach and delivery. And I feel confident in the knowledge he has divulged. I was feeling rather nervous/anxious, but now feel keen to get started. Thank-you. Good presentation.

Mary Watson

I have found it extremely useful. Not exactly what I expected after attending three or four events. At my age I do not think I should aim to take more than five yours to succeed and I believe I now have the information to start and build rapidly which was my aim in attending. As I am a widower after forty-seven years the support should make a big difference as in spite of the idea of a one man business it is not easy entirely on your own.

Max Leeson

A very good presentation and it is good to know that there is 'follow-up' with Tim Lowe.

Max Skinley

A comprehensive course designed for all levels, very instructional and well presented. We look forward to the challenges ahead.

Michael and Liz Graham

I have had a good day. I believe that I have learnt most of what I need to start and have the back-up for the help when I need it.

Michael Cronin

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. The course material was well explained and relevant. The facilities were good. The delivery of the subject matter was both interesting and captivating. Looking forward to my launch date.

Michael Lewis

Brilliant day, very informative, quite a lot to take in, in one day. I felt it would be helpful if there were some hand outs as regards the day's information available. Otherwise very good.

Michael Pennick

Thank-you for today. I found it very rewarding and look forward to working with you. For your information I found your presentation extremely good and enjoyable.

Michael Swift

A very detailed and informative seminar that has provided all the components for internet success.

Michael Taub

Great presentation, although a very long day and a lot of information to digest.

Michelle Stevens

A very knowledgeable and interesting day.

Mick Stevenson

A very focused day which gave us everything we need to start our Direct Marketing business. The training was both inspirational and frequently fun. The venue was conducive to serious business education and Tim is an excellent tutor.

Mike Barry

An excellent insight into how to make some real money selling products on the internet.

Mike Green

Very interesting to see physical product development path. Presentation sometimes a bit disjointed when Tim got diverted or questions took it off track. A bit daunted to work out the product development steps but rest seems ok.

Mike Wilcox

The presentation was extremely well presented in a relaxed but authoritative manner (i.e. we knew that you knew exactly what you were talking about from first hand experience). I now have the confidence to use what you have shown us and can see where I failed in two previous attempts over the past eighteen months. I am looking forward to working with you and hope that I am able to come up to your standards.

Mike Young

Well structured and easy to understand.

Mr and Mrs H. Smith

A simple and genuine presentation full of all the important facts put across in a very sincere way.

Mr. Fordyce

Well thought out presentation with good content and invaluable information. The tools have been given to succeed using my own initiative and various resources from this course.

N Broome

Very informative. Something I feel will become clearer once I have put the wheels in motion. Very well presented.

N. Hall

Excellent Tim - thank-you. You've equipped us to get started very well. The presentation was informative and interesting and well delivered throughout the day.

N. Marchant

I have learnt so much in the past two days. I feel that the info has finally gone in. The practical information was really great and made me really think about my next step instead of procrastinating I really enjoyed meeting Tim in person and it was really inspiring to see how it I work this business what it can do for me. Thanks!!

Naheed Brooking

Very informative and it has given me the confidence to get started.

Neerj Shastri

Excellent course and presentation. Cannot fail if plan followed.

Neil Gracie

A very intensive course that covered every aspect of Direct Mail of information based products in great detail. The presentations could have been boring with information overload. This was availed by the relaxed and informal style. Every attendee received licensed rights to, for and additional free versions of a good range of products.

Neil Phillips

I found the workshop informative and am very excited to get started. I'm glad that there will be continuous support through the coming months to assist us with any questions or problems. The Action Plan is really good because it actually tells you exactly what to do next. Absolutely brilliant that everything is already pre-installed on the laptop. Everything you need in one place."

Nicky Botha

A very comprehensive presentation, well structured and full of credible anecdotal evidence of success. I am sure that I can make my business work if I follow your blueprint.

Nigel Codron

Very helpful. I now have a clearer road map to success.

Nigel Robertson

I did not know what to expect but I have thoroughly enjoyed the day and found it most illuminating. I look forward to putting into practise what I have gleamed from today's presentation and to working with Tim

Nigel Turner

I have been very fortunate to have been invited as a guest of Eddie Davies and look forward to starting up our DVD Company. Sat at the back, very quiet, taken copious notes, looking forward to the Caribbean. Great!

Norma Bretherton

Good value for money. Course contents were well structured to accommodate different levels of experience of Direct Response Marketing. Food and accommodation facilities awesome.

Olumide Jatto

The course 'did what it said on the label'. It was well organised and informative. I feel it has given me the tools to go away and start my business.

Olwyn Smith

Stimulating day. This is going to be the one I take forward. My brain is a bit awash with all the details but these is a huge amount of information.

P Danckwardt

Tim's friendly, fun approach makes the experience/seminar really enjoyable.

P Hollins

An excellent day's course and a real eye opener to (for me) a new insight to business.

P Kirkham

I look forward with interest after today.

P. Horan

I found the workshop very informative and thorough.

Patrick Kelly

Tim, I thought it was great. There was a lot to take in so I'm looking forward to some e-mail support to follow up. I appreciate the products to help us get started. Thanks for a great time.

Paul Andreas

The day has been both hard and illuminating. I look forward with a certain trepidation and excitement all rolled into one.

Paul Bevan

Presentation was done in a very informative, informal and fun way. I would have liked to see more ideas on good copywriting skills, however other than that everything else was covered in a very professional manner.

Paul Blomfield

Very useful and informative presented in a very informal and helpful way. Very good.

Paul Lockley

Very informative and inspiring. Comprehensive and motivational with an easy informative structure and presentation.

Paul Ross

Fantastic and very informative day.

Pete Fitzpatrick

Inspirational and amusing presentation.

Peter Allison

Quite a lot to take in. I feel I will need to watch the DVD's to get to know more of what to do. My main concern is the copy writing. As you can see I cannot write words very well. Writing 10,000-15,000 words for a backend product sounds very daunting. The business does sound very good once up and running.

Peter Ditch

A very comprehensive presentation, clearly put across with humour. I've learned a lot which hopefully I can put into practice. The products being offered look to be a good investment.

Peter Hall

I have really enjoyed the ideas of setting up a direct marketing business. You have made my thoughts to expand beyond horizons I never dreamt off. I hope the few ideas/skills gathered today will act as stepping stone to grow in knowledge of opening and setting up a business that may sometime benefit many.

Peter Kiramba

Very informative, but a lot to absorb. Time will tell on how much I have taken in, but with future work together I am sure I will be successful.

Peter Maw

It has been a very thorough, informative day, presented in an informal manner. Much appreciated.

Peter Spooner

A very well presented course.

Peter Wood

I feel it's now down to me. You have very kindly opened the door. I must now walk through it.

Phil Riley

Very good overall. (Personally I think the initial introduction was too long and unnecessary - most attendees just wanted to get to the Business part sooner)! Thorough insight and guidance given at each stage of the training.

Philip Bollen

Tim, I found the workshop very informative and covered the various topics in depth. The Action Plan issued at the end of the day certainly laid the foundation and tones for the ongoing progress of the system. I look forward to growing the business and calling upon your advice and mentoring.

Philip Denman

Tim has today shown us what can be achieved. The only way we can fail now is by our own inaction.

Philip Nolan

I found the course to be excellent. Presented in a relaxed and friendly way and although I had many concerns before the day, my mind was put to rest very early in the day.

Philip Roshier

I have enjoyed the seminar and found it very informative and interesting. I was a little slow to start with as I was eager to hear about the core parts of the business and it took a little time to get to the interesting parts but on the whole I have enjoyed the day.

Priya Dev

Coming here today has been great fun and I have learnt a lot. Now to put it into action!

R. Allerton

A well presented, comprehensive presentation. Thank-you.

R. Barber

Very interesting and entertaining.

R. Bartholomew

The day was extremely informative with a vast amount of directly related information. I feel at times that perhaps the audience got a little bogged down with things that are a little more advanced. We need to walk before we can run, but this is obviously only a minor criticism.

R. Doble

It is very clear that Tim has a business model that works and that he's been there, done that.

R. O'Regan

Good attendance, did not expect full house, but executed well throughout course of the day with a late finish due to intensity of session. Foot in the door to success first hand.

R. Palmer

Full and detailed explanation in logical order. A lot to take in at one time but at least welcome an action list and mentoring service. Pleasant venue, good lunch.

R. Roberts

This was my first and probably only seminar. Although I have no comparison I thought it was very interesting and very well presented. Thank-you Tim.

R.F. Busby

A very useful and informative day with all the facts and none of the fluff. Well structured. Tim sticks to the structure he has promised and handles possible diversions extremely well. If this model works as explained (at least if we follow as explained)! I will be a very happy person. On the product side I would have liked to see something that I might relate to more easily I.e. more diet/fitness/health/beauty/ well-being products - however I trust that the products presented, are the products that are in demand.

Rachel Dodd

The course is very good. I look forward to starting my business and making lots of money. There were lots of pointers.

Raj Pal

A very worthwhile seminar and well structured. Some early content (motivational) was a bit long at the expense of some 'rushed' technical workshop content.

Ray Woolmer

Thank-you, very interesting. I will let you know if your training day has been successful when I have the pleasure of sending you the first commission cheque!

Rev. Colin Stallard

A very interesting and useful presentation. Tim Lowe presented it extremely well and took the time to make sure the more confusing aspects of this business were understood by the group. I am more exited now as I have an idea of what process I need to go through to start my successful business. Thank-you very much for this great opportunity.

Rex Fargher

I came here today with many questions I required answers for. These questions were covered in the full and detailed presentation throughout the day. The format of the presentation was clear and precise. Thank-you for a very interesting day.

Richard Atkinson

Good solid course, clarified the unclear.

Richard Marsh

Very informative and workable. The product was spot on and I am looking forward to getting started.

Richard Smith

This has been a life changing experience for me. I know that I will be very successful with this for me and my family. Thank you Tim. P.S. See you both at the top!

Rienford Carr

Very interesting and engaging day! A long over-run, but excellent. Lived up, even exceeded, all expectations. Thanks a lot - I'll be in touch!

Rob Best

Tim was very informative and explained the business very well.

Robert Appleby and Barbara Niasbett

Great attention and clarity to detail. A very interesting and enjoyable day. Great potential to a hungry market and very honest answers to all questions.

Robert Davison

All aspects of the day very interesting, well presented, with lots of information of which I hope I can implement to make a sound business.

Robert Willows

Very good day. Good content, well presented and I will succeed!

Robin Sherwood

The training was very structured and motivating. I came with a slight trepidation that I had basically wasted £10,500. I leave in the knowledge that I have wisely invested in my future. I realise I have much work ahead of me but I am confident I know what has to be done and an action plan in place for doing it. I also leave with tremendous respect and trust for Tim. The training was delivered in an easily understood manner and was thoroughly enjoyable.

Rod Heppolette

Tim's presentation was excellent. Relaxed but thorough and informative. I would have preferred some more written material so that I could have taken fewer notes and had more time to enjoy Tim's delivery of the information.

Roger Kielty

Today I enjoyed very well. Where all day long it was presented in a layman's language and confident that I can go home and start research straight away.

Rohit Ladva

I found the training to be exactly what I needed in order to make that final push towards starting my own business. The surroundings were also excellent and the lunch which was provided was also of top quality. Overall it was a comfortable educational and superb day.

Roland Moore

This is my second workshop and I have found this one has built on the first one in November 06. This has been more detailed on the nitty-gritty practical side. I look forward to the coaching side of this workshop to get my business growing. Many thanks.

Ron Pearce

I found this time to be very constructive and very helpful to starting a business of a different type. I'm sure I will find your back-up in the future most encouraging. I'm very motivated.

Ron Taylor

A lot to take in but you've improved the How to"" since 2004. It looks like I've got some hard work ahead to reach my goals but I won't know 'til I start. (Looks like research for tomorrow)!"

Rosemary Juma

Very enjoyable, informative day.

Ross Green

Life-changing day. Good presenting style. Good interaction. .

Ross Hall

Well conducted meeting Tim. Thanks.

Roy Cherritt

A very comprehensive and detailed presentation covering all aspects of Tim's programme. I took extensive notes and with access to Tim's website for further notes, his action list and his mentoring and coaching arrangements, this must be the most effective way of creating a successful business. I look forward to working with Tim in the future.

Rupert Scott

Most interesting seminar I have attended (and I have attended a few)! Can't wait to get home and get started, I am looking forward to working with Tim in the future.

Ruth Mee.

Very useful day, will definitely be taking it forward. Thank-you, it was at least as good as I hoped, if not better. Particularly pleased about having actual product licenses to take away and an action plan.

S Kausar

The presentation was delivered in good order, very explicit, and in the main easy to understand. Some of the information was quite complicated to digest in such a short time, but I feel with time it will all come together.

S. Gardner

I have thoroughly enjoyed the day, although I am still unsure about what I will be actually marketing. However I feel confident that if I stick to your master plan and use your help page that it will become much clearer.

S. Gonzalez-Meijer

It has been a very informative day and we have come away with a clear action plan for the way forward. The number and quality of products given to start the business is more than we expected. Thank-you.

S. Hinshelwood

Not quite what I expected (more on DVD's etc.) but no criticism meant as information on selling was very informative. Could have issued part written notes. Altogether I enjoyed the day and the co-operative way in which questions were received and answered. Looking forward to successfully using all I've learnt.

S. Loxton

A very informative day which has helped clarify a number of points for me.

S. Maxwell

Very interesting, lots to take in, sounds like a promising way to make money.

S. McDonald

I found the seminar very informative on how to set up the business and feel confident enough to make a start now. I think Tim has supplied all the necessary tools.

S. Samath

Sceptical at first. Kept open mind. Tim covered all the relevant parts of marketing. I see a lot of work ahead but can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

S. Weir

The day was thought provoking and provided practical examples which brought it to life. It certainly seems like a business idea we can make real. Tim (and Henry) put a great deal of personal effort in for which many thanks - your energy was evident and inspiring! The action plan and future coaching with deadlines will help us to succeed.

Sally Moran

Well paced, well taught, good atmosphere.

Sam Speirs

The information given was clear and thoroughly showed the steps we need to take. The visuals were good and demonstrated a serious, well planned approach to the seminar. I am learning with a clear feel for the opportunities and the risks and I feel motivated to make a success of the business. It would be good to meet one or two others who have been successful in their business - this could be done in person or by video recording.

Samuel Parker

I thought that the database was the best part as it was very easy to use and did most of the work for you. I think that you should spend more time talking about setting it up in more detail. Action List.

Sarah Johnson

Your knowledge is priceless and thank-you for your patience and your sense of humour. We had a great weekend! Look forward to putting this in practice now. Great presentation. Thank-you.

Sati Pritchard

The whole presentation was great and I'm looking forward to start implementing what you've shared with thanks.

Serah Noungu

I thought that the day was enjoyable, very precise and to the point.

Serena Cheer

Very professional presentation which covered a lot of material. The whole package of tutor support and laptop is very appealing. Well organised day in pleasant surroundings. Relaxed and fun atmosphere. Looking forward to a very rewarding business partnership.

Sheila Martin

Enjoyed the presentation day in very pleasant surroundings. The information was specific and clear in most areas. I am not too sure about how to collate or collect the database lists in a computerised form. I will however be very interested in a joint venture when I am more versed in those details and proficient in sales. Thank-you for the thought provoking elements of today.

Sheila Waye

It was a very knowledgeable and interesting day.

Sher Khan

A very simple business concept and well explained. Tim Lowe comes across as a very simple and down to earth man. I feel that the practicalities should be more hands on as there is lots of information to take in.

Shez Khan

Clear and concise.

Simon Mo

A lot of inspirational ideas/material which perhaps could have done with more time or a better summary/revision at the end. It is a long session with short breaks. I expected more printed material to take away and am a little concerned about gaining access to the ongoing support. However, overall very good and I look forward to making a fortune!

Simon Reynolds

Good content and very well presented. A lot of the information was a re-education for me but I think the real benefit was the introduction to the new products along with the laptop. Also the ongoing support is what I feel I will need.

Stephen Berry

Excellent, good information, very patient and clearly and simply spoken for the beginner. Thanks again.

Stephen Ellis

A very informative, well presented, filled with relevant information that I know I will definitely put into practice immediately. I was very happy and moved to finally meet Tim who has very much motivated me.

Stephen Nelson

The day was well worth the time and money but have to admit I was unable to take in perhaps as much as I would have liked due the amount of information required. It was a lot for one day for someone who has only done manual work before and hasn't before had to really use his brain. I sincerely hope to make a go of this business but I think Tim your phone could be quite warm before I finally reach success.

Stephen Sykes

Tim. Thanks for a very eye opening day. First class information, great choice of venue, and good food. I look forward to working with you in the forthcoming months ahead.

Steve Carroll

Having decided to attend one night without an in-depth research into Tim or the concept, I would comment that the content of the one full day introduction and explanation of how to replicate this successful system was genuinely presented without the frills but come over exceptionally well.

Steve Gordon

Good Morning Tim,

I purchased some splendid DVDs from you well over a year ago now, they lit the fuse to a number of interesting business projects. I am now so grateful for the clues you gave me! Thanks.

Steve White

The induction training exceeded my expectations and has given me the tools I need to start my new marketing business and work towards achieving my first million. Also met some great people with whom we can share common goals and ideas as we move forward.

Steve Worth

The step-by-step instructions given during this presentation will prove invaluable whilst setting up this business.

Steven Prior

A great weekend, first class, abundance of information. Great training. Some great product licences.

Stewart Wilson

Well prepared presentation, informative and inspiring. Thank-you.

Stuart Bartholomew

Thank-you Tim for an excellent, informative and enlightening day! It was a refreshing change to hear advice in 'simple' language and I look forward to working with you in the future. I promise to speak to you and not stay 'shtum'!!

Sue Homes

I felt the start was rather slow but you soon had my complete interest and attention. Well presented, informative, enjoyable and fascinating. I hope we are in the 2%.

Sue Thomas

Enjoyed the day. Well organised and excellent lunch. Lots of information. Look forward to checking DVD's. Then -----! Have worked with mail order financial products manually - received 800 replies a day at our busiest period. So know a little.

Susannah Harrison

This workshop has given me the basic tools I need to start my business.

Sylvester Amu-Konadu

The day was very instructive; the earnings potential is obviously enormous. My biggest worry is identifying the market in the first place. The instruction has been comprehensive and especially useful is the action plan. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Terence Hogg

I have really enjoyed the day and found the training helpful for my business. I found Tim very good.

Terry Ball

A very useful day.

Thomas Yarrow

Spot on. Hope I can remember it when we do it.

Tim Fielden

Excellent. Very comprehensive. Would have liked more time spent on designing products, particularly back-end. This seems the most difficult and challenging aspect of the whole venture and feels quite overwhelming. I realise time is very tight and really, really limed your style and the content of the day. I can fire all my product questions at you over time. Thanks a lot and here's to success!!

Tim Mason

Your course is most enjoyable and created a hospitable atmosphere. After a nervous start - when you were walking back and forth between each sentence - you displayed a sound ability to provide us with a lot of knowledge and experience. Because we collectively made many interruptions the more difficult and important detailed business part at the end was made when the time was running late and you were getting tired and concentration became difficult. I really want to succeed in the DVD business and will try hard to get it right. Thank-you!

Tim Spring

Enjoyed the training seminar which appears to be a very valuable tool for a novice to take a first step up the millionaire's ladder. The training has been very informative. Tim has answered all the questions and sorted all the queries and doubts in a friendly manner, in a way easy to understand.

Tirath Gill

Thank you for everything. I will succeed in this business, thanks to Tim. Blew me away.

Tolleck Winner

Very good, all subjects covered in an easy to understand format. Took a long time but able to go away with all the information required to get started straight away.

Toni Jarvis

A thoroughly worthwhile experience and looking forward to the future with you.

Tony Croft

Thanks for a great day. I am excited as it's so potentially life changing. I can't wait to get started. Tim was an excellent speaker, very informal and kept it interesting - thank-you very much.

Tracey Duffy

Today Tim has given a very in-depth teaching of his knowledge. I feel that I have gone away with much more insight of how to start things off. Tim is a very good clear speaker and has given good advice. I am looking forward to starting this business.

Tracy Noakes

I really appreciate all the support and encouragement you offer and find the videos useful.

Val Dann

Thank-you for a training opportunity that provided life-changing information and experiences. Now it's down to me!

Valerie Dann

Refreshing and honest. I'm sure there are issues I need to check further. It's good to know there is support available especially with regard to IT issues.

Vernon Manfield

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop - however it was a very long and tiring day because there was so much information to absorb. I felt it was excellent that Tim told us to take copious notes since the information he gave us would have been far too much to be remembered with memory aids. The information was very clearly and simply explained and it was a very interesting day.

Veronica Kinsey

Materials were well structured. There was a lot of information about the business. The promise of ongoing help is encouraging too. Very well done.

Victor Okenyi

Tim has given me the confidence to move forward and actually make a start with my own marketing business.

Vivien Murton

I enjoyed the course and found it interesting. Well planned and well put together.

Vivien Watson

Tim, a good day of hopefully very profitable information. I think we have all the information to succeed, but I guess there will be some need for assistance in the future. I would hope that in the future more UK versions will be available and my wife and I would be very interested in any health and fitness DVD's you have licences for, as we see this as a good area to work in. However I have a very open mind and am happy to take your recommendations as the man who knows. I hope to be one of the few to succeed and grow a business with you.

W. Armitage

What has been learnt today will be very helpful in my other businesses. I will be starting a new business very shortly on the information that has been given.

W. Booth

I enjoyed the presentation and I have made copious notes! I intend to move quickly with the set up and I will be mailing you shortly no doubt. I realise I have lots to learn in this business but with the support you have promised I will succeed.

William Cuirrier

I look forward to an exciting future based on the wealth of information picked up during this Induction Course.

William Molloy

Tim was very enthusiastic and motivational during a very informed meeting. He was very thorough in explaining how business is operated and what we need to do if we are to be successful. I totally accept that there was no written manual. But a sheet confirming important website addresses and telephone numbers would be invaluable, if only to avoid possible misquoting on notes.

Win Thomas